Michael Page

Lecturer & <em>Laurus</em> Faculty Advisor's Profile Image
Lecturer & Laurus Faculty Advisor mpage3@unl.edu (402) 472-1814 202 Andrews Hall
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, BA 1990
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, MA in English 2003
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Phd in English 2008
Areas of Specialty
  • Science Fiction
  • 19th Century British Literature and Culture
  • Romantic Poetry
  • Romantic Fiction
  • Victorian Fiction
  • Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Nineteenth-Century
Courses Regularly Taught
  • English 206:  Science Fiction
  • English 331:  “H.G. Wells and the Scientific Romance”
  • English 355:  Editing and the Publishing Industry
  • English 395H: Senior Honors Seminar: Voices of Wonder: Literary Encounters with Science, Technology, and the Future
  • British Novel 1700-1900
  • English 331: "The Long Romantic Period"
  • English 189H: Honors Seminars, "Famous Monsters" and "Science Fiction"
  • English 331:  Britain and Empire: The Encounter with India, 1780-1950
  • English 405E: Modern Fiction
  • Introduction to English Studies

Personal Statement on Teaching and Research

I see teaching, writing, reading, and scholarship as an ongoing practice of exploration and discovery for students and myself.  It’s through this practice of exploration and discovery that we can try to make sense of ourselves and the world, past, present, and future.

Selected Publications and Projects

Frederik Pohl. Modern Masters of Science Fiction. University of Illinois Press (forthcoming in fall 2015).

Touchstones: The Science Fiction, Scholarship, and Teaching of James Gunn. In collaboration with Christopher McKitterick. McFarland (book in progress, anticipated publication in 2016).

Academic Program Director for the 2015 Campbell Conference, Lawrence, Kansas. “From the Ghetto to the Classroom: What’s New in SF Education?”

Academic Program Committee Member for the 2016 World Science Fiction Convention, Kansas City.

The Literary Imagination from Erasmus Darwin to H.G. Wells: Science, Evolution, Ecology. Ashgate, 2012.

The Man with the Strange Head and Other Science Fiction Stories by Dr. Miles J. Breuer, edited with an introduction by Michael R. Page. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2008.

“Evolution and Apocalypse in the Golden Age.” Green Planets: Ecology and Science Fiction. Eds. Gerry Canavan and Kim Stanely Robinson. Wesleyan UP, 2014.

“Romantic Science Fiction.” Blackwell’s Encyclopedia of Romanticism.Blackwell’s, 2012.

“Edward Lytton Bulwer,” “J.C. Loudon,” and “Jane (Webb) Loudon.” Biographical essays for the Blackwell’s Encyclopedia of Romanticism. Blackwell’s, 2012.

“The Darwin Before Darwin: Erasmus Darwin, Visionary Science, and Romantic Poetry.” PLL: Papers on Language and Literature 41:2 (Spring 2005). 146-69.

“Mary Meeke’s Something Strange: the Development of the Novel and the Possibilities of the Imagination.” Romantic Textualities 11:1 (December 2003).

“‘A Lady of Newry’: Critical Introduction.” Irish Women Poets of the Romantic Period. Alexandria: Alexander Street Press, 2008.

Digital Projects on Cecilia Cooper, Mary Meeke, John Mitford, and Interdisciplinary Curricular Approaches to the Nineteenth Century.

Review Contributor in the Romanticism Section for the Routledge Annotated Bibliography of English Studies