English Department News Letter and Calendar

Recent Publications, Awards, and Other Achievements

Sarah Fawn Montgomery's poem, "Red Skull Bug," has been accepted for publication by Thema.

Bret Shepard's poem "Living as Magnets" will appear in the next issue of FIELD. And his collaborative poems with Jeff Alessandrelli, "I Can't Believe That You're in Love with That" and "The Funnel," are in the current issue of the Sink Review.

Maura Giles-Watson has accepted a tenure-track position at the University of San Diego. She would like to thank her committee--Paul Olson, Stephen Buhler, Rhonda Garelick, Stephen Ramsay, and Anne Duncan (Classics)--and placement chair Peter Capuano for all of their energetic efforts on her behalf. Maura would also like to express her appreciation to Elaine Dvorak for her kindness and flexibility is handling all the dossier requests so promptly.

Amanda Drake presented a paper at the First Annual Studies in Gothic Fiction Conference, March 16-17 in San Diego. Her paper was titled "'One may smile and smile and be a villain:' Laughing Villains in the Oriental Gothic." She also want to thank the 18th- and 19th- century British Literature Circle for their input and help on the paper!
Kasey Lowery, Wendy Oleson, and Cameron Dodworth also presented papers at the conference.

Wheeler Winston Dixon chaired a panel at the 2012 Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference in Boston on March 22, 2012, entitled "Moving Images/Movie Environments: From Screen Titles to Screening Locations," and delivered a paper, "Gently Down the Stream: The New Era of the Moving Image" as part of the presentation.

Crystal S. Gibbins' poem "Bird Fragments & Migrations" was accepted by Midwest Literary Magazine, and her book review of Linda Pastan's Traveling Light appears in the Spring 2012 issue of Prairie Schooner.

John Schulze has a piece of micro-flash entitled "Bound" that will appear in an upcoming issue of DOGZPLOT. He also have a poem, "New York City Writer's Conference" that will appear in the May issue of Pure Slush.

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Upcoming Events

March 29, 2012, 5:00-6:15pm (NOTE the different starting time!!!) at the Sheldon Auditorium
"Humanities on the Edge" invites you to a lecture by Michael Hardt (Professor of Italian Studies and Literature, Duke)
Building on his work of the past decade with political philosopher Antonio Negri, Hardt's talk, "What to Do in a Crisis: A Biopolitical New Deal," will respond to their call, issued in Commonwealth, the third part of their trilogy (Empire and Multitude are the first two volumes), for the need to reinvent the vocabulary of democracy as tools for intervening in the present. From a democratic-left perspective, one of the central concepts is that of the "New Deal." Hardt's talk will argue for the need of a new "New Deal"; however, for a "New Deal" to be effective today, it is in need to be re-imagined so that it will be responsive to the new form of power (biopower) characteristic of informational/finance capitalism. In his talk, Hardt wants to delineate the path along which such a new "New Deal" needs to be articulated. In addition to his collaborative work with Negri and numerous articles, Professor Hardt has authored Gilles Deleuze: An Apprenticeship in Philosophy (1993), co-edited Radical Thought in Italy: A Potential Politics and The Jameson Reader, as well as translated books by Giorgio Agamben and Negri.

Angels in America, Part Two: Perestroika completes playwright Tony Kushner's modern classic as the Flatwater Shakespeare Company again joins forces with The Haymarket Theatre.  Described by the author as "A Gay Fantasia on American Themes," this Pulitzer Prize winning play examines 1980s America with warm humor, savage wit, soaring imagination, heartbreak, and hope.  Directed by Bob Hall, the show opens Thursday, March 29, at The Haymarket Theatre, 803 "Q" Street in Lincoln. Performances continue Friday-Sunday, March 30-31 and April 1; and Thursday-Sunday, April 5-8 and 12-15. All show times are 7:30 p.m. Ticket prices are $18 for adults, $15 for seniors, and $10 for students. Call 402-477-2600 for reservations.

Friday, March 30, 4:00 pm, Zen's Lounge: Crystal Gibbins and Danielle Metcalf will read from their work as part of the no name reading series.

Saturday, March 31, 7pm, Drift Station Gallery, 18th & N: The Clean Part Reading Series presents poets Adam Clay, Ada Limón, and Michael Robins. Check The Clean Part website for more information (cleanpartreading.blogspot.com).

April 12, 2012, 5:30-7:00pm (NOTE: back to regular time!) at the Sheldon Auditorium
"Humanities on the Edge" invites you to a lecture by Cesare Casarino (Professor of Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies, U Minneapolis)
Starting from a retrospective and self-critical assessment of the collaborative reflections and undertakings of In Praise of the Common (a book he co-authored with Antonio Negri), Casarino's talk, "Universalism of the Common," attempts to produce a concept of the "common," to evaluate the reasons for its present relevance and currency, as well as to posit its inescapable centrality for any critical understanding of related concepts such as "capitalism," "biopolitics," and "communism" today. In addition to In Praise of the Common, Professor Casarino has authored numerous articles and the book, Modernity At Sea: Melville, Marx, Conrad In Crisis (2002), as well as edited Marxism Beyond Marxism (1996) and translated a number of important essays by Giorgio Agamben