My interest in Place Studies is centered in three areas: Place Conscious Education, Eco-composition, and Nonfiction Nature Writing. My main work is with the Nebraska Writing Project, our department's main outreach program to the state's elementary and secondary schools. In that work, I emphasize connecting writing/reading to local resources, issues, civic controversies, heritage and history – core ideas for Place Conscious Education. Within the umbrella of Place Conscious Education, I am particularly interested in ways to explore, understand, and honor the biosphere of our region, hence my interest in Eco-composition and Nonfiction Nature Writing. As the "education guy" on the Place Studies faculty, I'm frequently involved in helping teachers across the state develop curricula that center on local place, or participating in Writing Marathons and Writing Retreats that help teachers find ways to write from their growing knowledge of our region.

Degrees and institutions granting the degree

  • Gonzaga, BA
  • Minnesota, MA
  • Minnesota, PhD

You can find information about my book and articles here.

Robert BrookeRobert E. Brooke
Professor of English
Director, Nebraska Writing Project
English--202 Andrews Hall
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Lincoln, NE 68588-0333
(402) 472-1807