English 331:  English Authors after 1800                                                                                                     

Stephen C. Behrendt

319 Andrews; 472-1806

office: 12:30 - 2:00 TWR and by appointment




William Blake



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Tentative Schedule


Jan       15 T     Introduction(s), procedures, background


             17 R     Studying Blake in 2002: texts and technology

                                       – The book, the library, and the Internet

                                       – Research in the digital age

                                       – Thinking about interdisciplinary art

                                       – Blake's visual art

Begin reading Raine, William Blake


             22 T     Poetical Sketches

                                       – group work on individual poems


             24 R     Poetical Sketches

                                       – group presentations

25 F – Last day to drop a class and have it removed from the permanent record. After today (and until 12 April) all “drops” will be indicated by a “W” on the permanent record


             29 T     Songs of Innocence and of Experience, 1

                                       – Exploring an electronic edition on your own

Individual electronic copies of Songs of Innocence and of Experience


             31 R     Songs, 2

                                       – What did you learn on Tuesday?

                                       – Children's books (illustrated and not) in Blake's time

                                       – Children's books in 2002



Feb        5 T     Songs, 3

                                       – Self-paced session 2


              7 R      Songs, 4

                                       – Group presentations



             12 T     Songs, 5

                                       – Group presentations


             14 R     Songs, 6

                                       – Comparing copies



             19 T     The Book of Thel

                                       – Blake and narrative

                                       – Mary Wollstonecraft and feminism in Blake's time

Individual electronic copies of The Book of Thel:


             21 R     Visions of the Daughters of Albion

                                       – Blake and irony

Individual electronic copies of Visions of the Daughters of Albion:


             26 T     The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

                                       – What is prophecy?

                                       – What is satire?

                                       – What do we need to know to read MHH more effectively?

Individual electronic copies of The Marriage of Heaven and Hell:


             28 R     The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
                         A Vision of the Last Judgment

                          – representing the Last Judgment 
                          – millennarianism in the 1790s


Mar       5 T     America: A Prophecy

                                       – Blake and the uses of history

                                       – English attitudes toward the American Revolution

Individual electronic copies of America: A Prophecy:

               7 R      America: A Prophecy
                     – History and myth

    8 F – Last day to change a course registration to or from “Pass / No Pass” 


Mar      12 T     America

                                       – Comparing copies


             14 R     America

                                       – Make your own illuminated book!



             17-24 Spring Break



             26 T     Europe: A Prophecy

                                       – Blake and the history of the world

                                       – English attitudes toward the French Revolution

Individual electronic copies of Europe: A Prophecy:

             28 R     Europe
                         The Song of Los

Electronic copy of The Song of Los


Apr       2 T     The Book of Urizen

                                       – Blake, Genesis, and the Bible

                                       – illustrated bibles

                                       – Romantic nonconformist Christianity

Electronic copy of The Book of Urizen

               4 R      The Book of Urizen
                          The Book of Ahania

Electronic copy of The Book of Ahania

The Book of Los

Electronic copy of The Book of Los


               9 T      Group presentations


             11 R     Group presentations

                               12 F – Last day to withdraw from any class for the semester



             16 T     Milton

                                       – Milton's reputation in the 18th century

                                       Blake's Milton illustrations

Electronic copy of Milton: A Poem

             18 R     Milton



             23 T     Milton


             25 R     Milton

Electronic copy of Laocöon


             30 T    Research, creativity, and Blake


May      1 R    Conclusion(s)

Final examination: 10:00 - 12:00 noon, Wednesday, 8 May