Some Current Projects

Irish Women Poets of the Romantic Period General Editor for the electronic textbase published by Alexander Street Press. The textbase assembles electronic copies of nearly 90 volumes of poetry published by some 55 Irish and Irish-connected women between 1775 and 1835, along with new, commissioned introductory bio-critical essays on each of the authors.

The Corvey Project Bibliographical, critical, and archival research project in Romantic-era fiction at the University of Nebraska, with links to allied projects at Sheffiled Hallam University and Cardiff University

British Women Romantic Poets The textbase project at University of California, Davis

Richard Brinsley Peake, Presumption; or, The Fate of Frankenstein An electronic critical edition, with supplementary materials

Anna Maria Smallpiece:

An electronic edition of Original Sonnets, and Other Small Poems (1805), with an on-line text of "In Search of Anna Maria Smallpiece," from Women's Writing 7 (2000)

Electronic Texts and Critical Editions Electronic texts and other electronic materials generated at or through the University of Nebraska

Charlotte Smith:  An Electronic Edition of the Complete Works Maintained at the Electronic Texts Center at the University of Nebraska, this site will gather electronic editions of the complete works of Charlotte Turner Smith (1749-1806), including her novels, her poetry, and her works intended for juvenile audiences. The project, which was begun in Fall 2003 and which is in its early "beta" stage, aims first to mount texts of first editions, followed by subsequent and variant editions. The hope is to be able to provide a complete archive of all English-language versions of Smith's works, and eventually to add a sophisticated search engine to facilitate detailed, comparative study of Smith's texts. TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE

NEH Summer Seminar 2003: “Rethinking British Romantic Fiction” Complete description, with supplementary links

NEH Summer Seminar 2005:  “Genre, Dialogue, and Community in British Romanticism” Complete description, with supplementary links

NEH Summer Seminar 2010:  “The Aesthetics of British Romanticism, Then and Today” Complete description, with supplementary links and application instructions.

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