Stacey Waite

Assistant Professor and Director of Composition and Rhetoric's Profile Image
Assistant Professor and Director of Composition and Rhetoric
337C Andrews Hall


Bucknell University, BA

University of Pittsburgh, MFA

University of Pittsburgh, PhD

Areas of Specialty

Composition, Rhetoric, Literacy

Queer Theory/ Queer Pedagogies

Teaching of Writing

Feminist and Gender Studies

Creative Writing/ Poetry

Personal Teaching Statement

Whether I am teaching courses in composition, gender studies, or creative writing, I think of my students and myself as mutually engaged in the process of creation and disruption.  I ask my students to write in ways that complicate their conceptions of narrative, form, identity, and meaning.  I think of my classroom practice as driven by a pedagogy of blurring, engaging students with complexities and overlaps that help them to consider the dynamic tensions of language in their own thinking and writing.  Writing offers the unique opportunity to explore the assumptions we have accumulated in a lifetime of cultural contact.  This exploration not only creates spaces for layered, creative, and intellectual writing, but also requires writers to self-reflexively examine difficulties, to face what is difficult to see—something I think reaches far beyond the scope of writing itself.  My students’ ideas and contributions are at the center of my own intellectual work and my classroom.  I am deeply invested in my relationships with my students and feel grateful to them for showing up, time and time again, and for their infinite willingness to bring forth their curiosity, creativity, and attention.

Selected Publications

Co-Editor (with Stephen Parks, Brian Bailie and Brenda Glascott), The Best of the Independent Rhetoric and Composition Journals 2011. Anderson: Parlor Press, 2013.

Co-Editor (with Cynthia Hogue and Christopher Burawa), “Interview with Afaa M. Weaver” Contemporary Literature. University of Wisconsin Press, 2011.

“Stories as Moveable Definitions: Narrating Queer Pedagogies.” Reader: Essays in Reader-Oriented Theory, Criticism, and Pedagogy (Winter 2010): 163-169.

“Becoming the Loon: Performance Pedagogy and Female Masculinity.”  Writing on the Edge 19.2 (2009): 53-68.                               

“Action Literacy: Position, Movement, and Consciousness.”  Feminist Teacher 17.2 (2007): 107-121.

Recent Conference Papers

“Preparing a Queer(er) Public” Conference on College Composition and Communication, Las Vegas, NV, March 2013.

“Trans-Decolonization: What Chaz Bono Can Tell Us About Feminist Revolution.” National Women’s Studies Association Conference. Oakland, CA, November 2012.

“Writing Without Authority, Writing Without Success” Conference on College Composition and Communication, St. Louis, MO, March 2012.

“Body of Knowledge: Whose Body Is It?” Conference on College Composition and Communication, Atlanta, GA, April 2011.

“Queer(er) Possibilities for First-Year Composition and Rhetorical Education.” Rhetorical Society of America, Minneapolis, MN, May 2010.

“Desire without Gender: the Poetics of Impossibility.”  Associated Writing Programs Annual Conference, Denver, CO, April 2010.

“How to Write Like a Queer.”  Conference on College Composition and Communication, Louisville, KY,   March 2010.

Poetry Collections

Butch Geography. North Adams, MA: Tupelo Press, 2013.

the lake has no saint.  Tupelo Press Winner Snowbound Prize in Poetry, 2010.

Love Poem to Androgyny. Winner of the Main Street Rag Press Chapbook Prize, 2006.

Choke. Thorngate Road Press Winner of the Frank O’Hara Prize for Poetry, 2004.