Tom Gannon

Associate Professor's Profile Image
Associate Professor (402) 472-1845 346 Andrews Hall
University of South Dakota, BA
University of South Dakota, MA
University of Iowa, PhD
Areas of Specialty
  • Native American literatures
  • British Romantic literature
  • Critical Theory
  • Ecocriticism & "Animal-Rights" Theory
  • Avian and Animal Representation in Literature
Courses Regularly Taught
  • Native American Literature (ENGL 245B; ENGL 445E/845E)
  • Literary/Critical Theory (ENGL 270; ENGL 471/841)

Selected Publications and Presentations

  • Skylark Meets Meadowlark: Reimagining the Bird in British Romantic and Contemporary Native American Literature (University of Nebraska Press, November 2009).
  • Presentation: "Evolution & Its Discontents: Darwin, Indians, and Zoos." Celebrating Darwin’s Legacy symposium, UNL, 28 March 2009.
  • "Complaints from the Spotted Hawk: Flights and Feathers in Whitman's 1855 Leaves of Grass." Leaves of Grass: The 150th Anniversary Conference (forthcoming, U of Nebraska P, 2006).
  • Presentation: "The 'Eco-Indian' in the 21st Century." U.N.I.T.E. [University of Nebraska Inter-Tribal Exchange] Brown Bag Discussion, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, November, 2005.
  • Conference paper: "A Fatal Frontier: The Passing of the Passenger Pigeon into Western Nostalgia." John R. Milton Conference, Vermillion, SD, October 2005.
  • Ethnic Studies panel presentation: "The Ward Churchill Aftermath and the Importance of Ethnic Studies." University of Nebraska-Lincoln, September, 2005.
  • Introduction, to the UNL Electronic Text Center digital project, Birds of Nebraska: Newspaper Accounts, 1854-1923, 2005.
  • "Reading Boddo's Body: Crossing the Borders of Race and Sexuality in Whitman's 'The Half-Breed: A Tale of the Western Frontier.'" Walt Whitman Quarterly Review 22.2-3 (Fall 2004/Winter 2005): 87-107.
  • "An Essay on Eagles." South Dakota Review 42.3 (Fall 2004): 142-149.
  • Review of Genocide of the Mind: New Native American Writing, ed. MariJo Moore. Great Plains Quarterly 24.4 (Fall 2004): 302-303.
  • "Of Avians & Indigenes: Preliminary Notes on the Orientalization of the New World Native & Natured Others."Literature Compass, Summer 2004.
  • "Meeting the Master." Dear Walt: Poems Inspired by the Life and Work of Walt Whitman. Iowa City: U of Iowa P, 2003.
  • "A Most Absorbing Game: The New World Bird as Colonized Other." The Ampersand 11 (Jan. 2002).
  • "The Writing Lab as Site of Cultural Hybridity." Midwest Writing Centers Association Conference. Springfield, MO. 29 Oct. 1999.
  • "Bird Poem." The South Dakota Review 21.3 (1983). Reprinted in The South Dakota Review 29.3.ii (1991).

Selected Web Projects