Image Captions - English Student Advisory Board members and English Advising Office teamed up to represent the department at the 2013 Big Red Road Show recruitment event in Omaha on March 3, 2013. The Big Red Road Show is designed to share UNL's intellectual and student life possibilities with prospective students and the Omaha community. More than 3300 guests attended the event. Interactive booths honored Nebraska's past through research, academics, and athletics. Students also learned about opportunities for student discovery, academic excellence, and student life traditions that will shape UNL's future leaders of tomorrow.


For English Majors life is an open book. We consider what has made texts and their contexts worth knowing. We apply these insights to anthropology, art, economics, education, history, philosophy, politics, popular culture, psychology, and more, because rhetoric and literature constantly present the questions of what matters and why.

English Majors

  • Increase their understanding of language and literature by exploring rhetoric and argument, theory and craft.
  • Analyze strategies authors and readers use to create an exchange of ideas.
  • Appreciate literature as a record of lived experience.
  • Write fiction, poetry, films and drama, creative nonfiction, autobiography, critical essays, and researched arguments in various genres.
  • Examine the nature and history of aesthetic experience through literary exploration.

An English Major prepares students for stimulating personal development and lays the groundwork for diverse and multidisciplinary careers.

The English major requires courses distributed across the discipline, a focus upon upper-level English classes, and a specific concentration in a field of study. In addition, each student must fulfill all college requirements for graduation and must complete either a second major or one or two minors in a field or fields of interest.

Major Requirements


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