Reviewing Applicants (Applicant Logs)

Reviewing applications to determine which individuals are qualified for the position and which individuals will be interviewed for the position needs to be documented.  The best way to keep accurate records of this process is to create an applicant log.  This applicant log will reflect the committee’s final decisions on the qualifications of all applicants. 

Steps to Create Applicant Logs
1. Login to PeopleAdmin ( and open your requisition.
2. Select the Applicants tab.

3.  Open More Search Options and make sure both active and inactive applicants are listed.  

4.  Click Actions above the applicant list and select Export Results

5.  This creates a spreadsheet of your applicants - an applicant log.  You may need to search in your Downloads folder for the file.  Once you open the file, you will need to click Enable Edit.

6.  Sort your applicants alphabetically, then create columns for each of your qualifications.  All of the qualifications, both minimum and preferred, need to be included with an indication of whether or not each applicant meets the qualifications.  However, if an applicant does not meet the minimum qualifications, there is no need to assess the preferred qualifications.  You should include a comment section stating the rationale for interviewing the qualified applicant(s) or not moving the qualified applicant(s) forward. No comment is required if the log indicates that a job seeker does not meet the minimum required qualifications.

7.  In your applicant log, please include information about the position – position title, requisition number, department, contact person, search chair, etc.  When you are ready to submit your short list to Institutional Equity and Compliance, notify us via email ( and attach the log.  If you have any questions, please call our office at 402-472-3417.


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