Hiring Official/Search Committee Approval

Hiring officials and search committees must be submitted to and approved by Institutional Equity and Compliance (IEC) before any application materials are reviewed. Search committees are generally required for all faculty, administrative and managerial/professional searches. If Human Resources has informed you that a search committee is not required for your search, you will still need to identify the hiring official in your requisition. All members of the search committee, including the hiring official, must have current search committee certification and the membership of the search committee must include gender and race/ethnicity representation.

Steps for Submitting the Hiring Official/Search Committee
1. Login to PeopleAdmin (employment.unl.edu/hr) and open your requisition.
2. Select Edit (near the job title).

3. Select Hiring Official/Search Committee from the menu at the left.

4. Select Add Hiring Official/Search Committee Entry. Enter the names, university appointment types (faculty/staff, graduate student, etc.) and search roles (chair, appointing official, etc.) for each member. If a member holds more than one role, please list him/her for each role. Remember to save before leaving this section.

5. Notify IEC via e-mail (equity2@unl.edu) that your hiring official/search committee is ready for review. Please include the requisition number, position title and contact information in the email. You will be notified via email if your search committee is approved, if there are individuals that need to attend training or update their certification or if there are other concerns regarding the composition of the committee. Instructions regarding how to register for a search process seminar will be included in the email.  They can also be found on the IEC search process seminar page.

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