Approval to Interview (Short List)

Institutional Equity and Compliance (IEC) must approve your short list applicants before any interviews are scheduled. No interviews may take place before the posted review of applications date. Preliminary interviews are typically telephone interviews, Skype interviews, conference interviews, reference checks, or requests for additional materials such as portfolios. IEC will review the search process for possible concerns and work with the chair of the search committee if additional information is needed.

Steps for Submitting a Short List
1. Login to PeopleAdmin ( and open your requisition. Changes can only be made by the hiring manager listed in the requisition.
2. Select the Applicants tab.

3. Select the applicants you would like to interview by checking the box to the left of their names. Click Actions above the applicant list and select Move in Workflow.

4. In the Change For All Applicants dropdown list, select either IEC/Preliminary Short List Approval or IEC/Short List Approval. Save your changes.

5. Notify IEC via email ( that your short list is ready. Attach the committee applicant log to the email. IEC will review the submitted documentation and either approve the short list or seek additional information. The search chair will be notified via email of this approval. This process needs to be repeated if you conducted preliminary interviews and now want to bring applicants to campus or if you want to interview additional applicants (i.e., each time the pool is narrowed, a new short list must be submitted to IEC for approval).

6. An offer of employment may be extended to an approved short list applicant after all short list applicants have been interviewed. IEC is not usually involved in this stage of the search process.  However, the hiring official should maintain documentation reflecting the reasons the final candidate was selected over the other short list candidates.

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