Search Procedures

Position Posting Notification

Once a position requisition has been submitted and approved through PeopleAdmin, it will be forwarded to IEC and a notification email will be sent to the contact person, hiring manager and search chair listed in the requisition. Please contact Human Resources (402-472-3101) regarding office/service positions. 

The next steps in the search process are:
1.  Advertising Approval and Position Announcements
2.  Hiring Official/Search Committee Approval
3.  Reviewing Applicants (Applicant Log)
4.  Approval to Interview (Short List)
5.  Closing the Search


The Women in Science and Engineering Leadership Institute (WISELI) at the University of Wisconsin - Madison has conducted research on the role of bias and assumptions in evaluating applicants. Please review WISELI's brochure Reviewing Applicants: Research on Bias and Assumptions.

Advertising and Position Announcements

Advertisements for open managerial/professional positions are handled by Human Resources. Upon request, IEC will provide 50 free position announcements that can be used for recruiting.

Advertisements for faculty/administrative positions are often posted in external publications at departmental expense. All external ads must be approved by IEC prior to publication to ensure the following are included: (1) a review of applications date; (2) the how to apply instructions; and (3) the Chancellor’s tag line. The review date must be at least 30 days after the ad is published. Also, if the qualifications are listed in the ad, they must match the qualifications posted in the requisition. If the proposed ad is submitted with the requisition, IEC will approve the ad before the position is posted. If the department wants to create new ads after the posting, the ads will need to be approved. Upon request, IEC will provide 50 free position announcements that can be used for recruiting.

Chancellor's Tag Line

The University of Nebraska‐Lincoln is committed to a pluralistic campus community through affirmative action, equal opportunity, work‐life balance, and dual careers.   See

*For Search Committee purposes only, protected class status includes under-represented ethnic minorities and women. Board of Regents Policy RP-3.1.3 Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Guidelines, Section 6.f. University Governance. The University will provide equal opportunities for women and minority persons to serve in decision-making positions, on committees whenever possible, and to the degree that it does not conflict with established democratic election processes.