The Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice is a theme-based journal.  Authors are asked to review the upcoming themes and submit relevant manuscripts directly to the respective Guest Editors, noted below.  Do not submit manuscripts to either Sage Publications or the General Editor.

Upcoming Themes and Guest Editors:

Contemporary Issues in Policing (November 2017 issue)
By Invitation
Editor:  Gennaro Vito (

Applying 40 Years of "What Works" in Corrections: Losing or Gaining Ground (February 2018 issue)
By Invitation
Editors:  Mario Paparozzi ( and Roger Guy (

Changes and Continuities in Juvenile Delinquency and Justice in Contemporary China (May 2018 issue)
By Invitation
Editors:  Ling Ren ( and Hongwei Zhang (

Replication Research in Criminology and Criminal Justice (August 2018)
Manuscripts due September 15, 2017
Editors:  Jukka Savolainen (] and Matthew VanEseltine ( Submit manuscripts to and begin the subject line with "Submission".

The Impact of the Media in Criminal Justice (November 2018)

Manuscripts due December 1, 2017
Editor:  Billy Henson (

Modern Developments in Biosocial Criminology (February 2019)
By Invitation
Editors:  Joseph A. Schwartz ( and Kevin M. Beaver (

Health and Crime at Crime Hot Spots:  Understanding the Role of Place in Health and Mental Health Problems (May 2019)

Manuscripts due June 1, 2018
Editors:  Clair White ( and David Weisburd.  Submit manuscripts to Clair White with "Special Issue of JCCJ" in the subject line.

The Legacy of Columbine:  Implications for Policy after 20 Years (August 2019 issue)
By Invitation

Editors:  Lynn Addington (, Jaclyn Schidkraut, and Glenn Muschert


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