The Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice is a theme-based journal.  Authors are asked to review the upcoming themes and submit relevant manuscripts directly to the respective Guest Editors, noted below.  Do not submit manuscripts to either Sage Publications or the General Editor.

Upcoming Themes and Guest Editors:

Toward a Better Understanding of Crime among African Americans:  Determining the Empirical Validity of A Theory of African American Offending (February 2016 issue)
Co-Editors: Shaun L. Gabbidon ( and James Unnever (

Considering the State of Routine Activities Theory to Account for Cybercrimes (May 2016 issue) 
Editor: Tom Holt  (

Crime and Punishment in Asia (August 2016 issue)
Editor: Narayanan Ganapathy (


Prisons and Imprisonment (November 2016 issue)
Manuscripts due December 1, 2015
Co-Editors:  Ben Steiner  ( John Wooldredge (

Recent Scholarship on the "Innocence Movement" (February 2017 issue)
By Invitation
Editor:  Marvin Zalman (

The Use of Conjunctive Analysis of Case Configurations (CACC) in Criminal Justice Research (May 2017 issue)
Manuscripts due December 1, 2016
Editor: Callie Marie Rennison (

Understanding and Countering Violent Extremism (August 2017 issue)
Manuscripts due September 1, 2016
Editors:  Gary LaFree ( and Josh Freilich (

Contemporary Issues in Policing (November 2017 issue)
By Invitation
Editor:  Gennaro Vito (]

Changes and Continuities in Juvenile Delinquency and Justice in Contemporary China (May 2018 issue)
By Invitation
Editors:  Ling Ren ( and Hongwei Zhang (


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