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Shannon Cummins

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Shannon Cummins, from Waco, NE, is a 2005 graduate of the University's honors program with degrees in Economics, International Studies, and Art History. Shannon will study the Polish hog industry as a means of understanding economies in transition from a centrally controlled to an open market system. Poland has recently joined the European Union, undergoing major changes in its economic policy. These changes have been especially bold in the agricultural sector where collective farms and small family farms are being introduced to foreign investment dollars. The hog industry has seen great growth over recent years--benefiting foreign conglomerates such as American based Smithfield Farms who recently began operations in Poland , as well as local producers. Through courses at the Warsaw School of Economics on the impact of foreign direct investment spending in the Polish Economy as well as independent research of Polish economic data, EU data, and Common Agricultural Policy Documents, she hopes to better understand the impact of foreign direct investment in the transitioning Polish hog industry. She will be working with Dr. Marzenna A. Weresa at the Warsaw School of Economics.