Meet Your PSAs

Kristin Sauma

Kristin is a senior English major with a Spanish minor from Omaha, NE. She thinks the best thing for incoming and current students is to have an eager and open mindset about being involved. By keeping up with professors, fellow students, university emails, and postings throughout campus, begin to assemble your interests and recognize overlap that will provide you concrete goals and direction for the future. 

Kirsten Clawson

Kirsten is a senior English major with minors in Biological Sciences, Classics, and Psychology from Plattsmouth, Nebraska. She is active in her sorority and the Laurus Literary Magazine, and can often be found in the Walt Whitman Archive working on academic research, at Starbucks with friends, or reading a good book. Kirsten often states that the key to success is to step outside one’s comfort zone. She urges students to get involved on campus; apply for that internship, job, or scholarship; and never underestimate the importance of connecting with faculty.  

Ann Holen

Ann is a junior English major with a minor in the Classics from Kearney, Nebraska. She enjoys reading and writing in her spare time. She feels that a great way to learn is to get involved in the classroom setting. Don't be afraid to ask questions, participate in discussions, and get to know your professors and classmates. They are the essential network to a successful and enriching academic life. But also don't forget to have fun and destress once in a while.