UK Overseas Pathway

UK Overseas Pathway (Rhodes, Marshall, Gates-Cambridge)

Spring of Sophomore Year:

Plan to enroll in Dr. Damuth's spring, semester-long scholarship class, 198H. This class focuses on writing the application.




A Rhodes scholarship is tenable at the University of Oxford. It may be held for a minimum of two years and a maximum of three years. Scholars are required to be full-time students at Oxford for the duration of their undergraduate or graduate degree programs. The Rhodes scholarship consists of a direct payment to the Scholar's College of all tuition fees (such as matriculation, tuition, laboratory fees, and certain other set charges), plus a maintenance allowance paid directly to the Scholar in installments during the two-year term of the Scholarship. The Rhodes Trustees will assist successful applicants with their traveling expenses to and from Oxford. Scholarships are awarded to seniors, graduate students, and alumni between the ages of 18 and 24. Proven intellectual and academic quality of a high standard is the first quality required of applicants, but applicants will also be required to show integrity of character, interest in and respect for their fellow beings, the ability to lead and the energy to use their talents to the full. Campus deadline: April 15; National deadline: early October.


Marshall Scholarships cover two to three years of study at any British university in any discipline, leading to the award of a British university degree.

Applicants must possess a bachelor's degree from an accredited U.S. university and have obtained after their freshman year a grade point average of not less than 3.7.

Scholarships are awarded to seniors, graduate students, and alumni who are 26 or younger (35 if you wish to read business studies) and are citizens of the United States. Forty scholarships are given, and the award covers all tuition and other fees, a personal allowance to cover residence and cost of living expenses, round-trip airfare, an annual grant for approved travel in connection with studies, payment (in certain circumstances) of necessary daily travel expenses, an annual book grant, a thesis allowance, if required, and a married person's allowance, depending on circumstances. Selectors look for distinction of intellect and character. Preference will be given to candidates who combine high academic ability with the capacity to play an active role in the life of the UK University to which they go, and to those who display a potential to make a significant contribution to their own society. Campus deadline: April 15; National deadline: early October.


The Mitchell Scholarships allow students who are U.S. citizens, aged eighteen or over but not yet thirty, to pursue one year of graduate study in any field at the seven universities in the Republic of Ireland and the two universities in Northern Ireland. Prospective scholars must have a demonstrated record of intellectual distinction, leadership, and extra-curricular activity, as well as personal characteristics of honesty, integrity, fairness, and unselfish service to others, which indicate a potential for future leadership and contribution to society. Applicants must be graduating seniors. Scholarship recipients receive tuition, room, airfare to and from Ireland, travel expenses, and an $11,000 stipend. Twelve scholarships are awarded annually. Campus deadline: April 15; National deadline: early October.

Scholarships for Graduate Study, which do not require institutional nomination (but are noteworthy)

Gates Cambridge

The Gates Cambridge provides full scholarships for 160 graduate students from all over the world to study in any discipline at the University of Cambridge in England. The scholarships will cover tuition, room, board, travel and stipend for study at Cambridge. Between 60 and 80 awards will be made each year to students resident in the United States. The scholarships may be held for 1 to 4 years, depending on the course of study and are conditional on the student gaining admission to Cambridge by the University's regular application process. Campus deadline: April 15; Deadline: October 15 (approx.).

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