• Bowling Social 

    Bowling Social Fall 2012


    Club members enjoying the Bowling Social.


    Club members enjoying a game of pool at the Bowling Social in the East Union.


    Club members volunteering at AppleJack Festival in Nebraska City.

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    Food Science Club Trailor at AppleJack Festival.


    Club members volunteering at Huskers against Hunger.


    Heading to Boulder, CO for Fall Break Trip!


    Club members hiking their way to Boulder Falls.


    Club members pictured at Boulder Falls.


    Club members pictured at Celestial Seasonings on Fall Break Trip.

    Club members pictured at MillerCoors Tour. 

     Club members enjoying a hike on Fall Break Trip.


    Club members enjoying an amazing meal after our Vineyard Tour.

  • Club members posing for a picture before the Hammond's Candy Factory Tour.

  • Club members having some fun after the Hammond's Candy Factory Tour.

  • Club members posing for a quick picture before eating at Casa Bonita.


    Trick or Treating for canned goods.

  • Canned goods collected from Trick or Treating Event.

  • Club member, Samantha Bryant, selling lunch tickets at the UNL Food Science Club Robotics Exposition catering event.

  • Serving food to 800 students and parents during the Robotics Expo. at the SAC Museum.


    Richard Spinner enjoying some delicious lasagna after all of his hard work organizing the catering event at the Robotics Expo.

  • We recycle! Club members working at the pop and water station at the Robotics Expo.

  • Club members, Heather Berck, Kristen Drvol, Juliann Starman, and Brooke Grossenbacher, at the AppleJack Festival in Nebraska City.

  • Club members, Katina Talley, Nicole Berns, and Ashley Bernstein, ready to serve ice-cream at the AppleJack Festival.

  • Club member, Travis Burger, making his own ice-cream and waffle creation!

  • Club members socialize making cookies!

  •  Club members make gluten-free cookies for the Sorghum board to be given out at Husker Harvest Days.

  •  Miranda Schurr and Julianne Kopf scoop cookie dough.

  •  Carly Adams and Quinn Le Frois trick or treat for canned foods. All the donations went to the Lincoln Food Bank. Great work guys!

  •  Minon Wilkinson and Anna Grossman selling ice cream at the AppleJack festival in Kimmel Nebraska.

  • Members of the Food Science Club helped pack food for Kids Against Hunger!
  • Members of the Food Science Club helped pack food for Kids Against Hunger. (2016)

 Why join the Food Science  

Club??..Why not!?

  • Monthly Meetings with FREE FOOD and INDUSTRY SPEAKERS
  • International and Holiday Potlucks
  • Institute of Food Technologists Annual Meeting and Food Expo in Chicago
  • Kids Against Hunger volunteer events
  • Fall Bread Food Industry Tours
  • Ice-Cream, Cookie, Caramel Sales
  • Life-long Friendships
  • Food Industry Connections
  • Opportunities to interact with Food Industry employers such as ConAgra Foods, Blue Bunny, Cargill, Land O' Lakes, Ardent Mills, Sensory Effects, and more!!!




For more information about the UNL Food Science and Technology Program, visit the webpage at : http://foodsci.unl.edu/

If you have additional questions about our group, contact the Food Science Club President at: kaitlinreimer@gmail.com

Follow us on Twitter: @FDSTCLUB

To join our Facebook: ask an Officer to add you to Food Science Club

Thank you for expressing an interest in the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Food Science Club and visiting our web page!


    2016- 2017 Officers:

    • President: Ava Petersen
    • Vice President: Katie Sisel
    • Treasurer:  Melanie Heermann
    • Secretary: Erica Pribil
    • Publicity Chairs: Ashley Soukup & Shannon Rezac
    • Undergraduate Liaison: Leo Ernst & Miranda French
    • Graduate Liasons:Julianne Kopf & Sabrina Vasquez
    • Fundraiser Managers: Nate Korth & Erica Lewis 
    • Senior Advisor: Dr. Melanie Downs
    • Junior Advisor: Dr. Zhang


     About Us:

    The Food Science Club strives to foster a close relationship among the Department of Food Science and Technology students and the faculty at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, to encourage leadership, and to acquaint students with the scope of food science and technology.