Become an ambassador

Posted April 3, 2014.

Apply to be a Graduate Ambassador for 2014-2015

To apply, submit these three required items to by email by April 28.

  1. Ambassador application form
  2. Your resume or CV
  3. Your answers to the supplemental questions listed at the bottom of the application form

By applying for this opportunity, you affirm your commitment to the following duties.


Roles and responsibilities of Graduate Ambassadors

Graduate Ambassadors are selected representatives from colleges and disciplines across the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  These individuals are expected to represent their department and the University of Nebraska–Lincoln in a professional and positive manner at all times and be good stewards of the University and its brand.

Expected responsibilities of a graduate ambassador include but are not limited to the following. 


  • Assist with Office of Graduate Studies events during the academic year
    • Assistance at the annual Fall New Student Welcome and Spring Research Fair are mandatory for ambassadors
  • Serve on event planning committees when needed

Social Media

  • Be responsible for social media postings (including blogs, Facebook, and Twitter) posted on UNL Graduate Studies related pages
    • As a University of Nebraska–Lincoln ambassador you are a representative of the University and must exercise caution when engaging in social networking sites, blogging, or other forms of internet communication. If abused, your internet communication can have an adverse effect on your ambassadorship.


  • Attend semesterly group meetings
  • Attend additional meetings as needed


  • Act as liaison between department and Graduate Studies
  • Be available to meet with prospective students within their college or program during campus-visits
  • Be available to communicate with prospective and current students if needed
  • Be available to travel to research conferences and graduate fairs to help recruit prospective students