Admission to Double Majors

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Definition of a double major

One degree is conferred. There is one diploma but two majors have been completed and both majors are listed on the transcript. Work must be completed at the same time.

For example, there are three double majors approved at the doctoral level:
Statistics & Agricultural Economics
Statistics & Agronomy
Statistics & Economics
Statistics & Natural Resource Sciences

Description and procedure

The professional/scholastic goals of some graduate students may be enhanced substantially by acquiring more knowledge than is currently provided by the option of earning a minor. They can do this by studying in a second field as a double major.  This is not the same as a dual degree (i.e., two Masters degrees in separate majors, typically 60+ credit hours).

Graduate students in pre-approved programs may have the option of attaining a double major within the same degree (e.g., Master of Arts or a Ph.D. in two different majors):

  1. Applicants choosing the double major will submit one application for each program and only one application fee and clearly specify that they are seeking a double major in the comments section of the application.  The applicant will need to complete the application requirements for each program. The graduate committee of each department/area will review the application and send the decision to Graduate Studies.

  2. If someone applies to a second program, Graduate Studies sends the application directly to that graduate committee, not to the original committee.

  3. The prospective student should be aware that a decision to recommend admission by one of the graduate committees does not affect the decision of the other committee. The criteria for acceptance may differ between programs; admission to one or both of the department’s programs does not guarantee acceptance for a double major master’s degree. Final approval of all applications rests with the Dean of Graduate Studies.

If a student is already pursuing a major in a degree program, then decides he or she would like to obtain a second major, a new application is required. The new application must be approved by the original graduate committee prior to review by the second graduate committee.

Once the degree is conferred, a second major cannot be attained. Students then would be required to apply for admission to a second degree program, and upon acceptance, complete all requirements of a full independent program.