Faculty Seeking Additional Degree

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A member of the faculty in an instructional department who holds the rank or equivalent rank of assistant professor or above, or who holds an appointment for a specific term, or a member of the administrative staff holding the rank of assistant professor or above, may pursue an advanced degree in the Graduate College only after receiving special permission from the cognizant academic dean or administrative supervisor and from the campus Graduate Council responsible for the program which the faculty member wishes to pursue.

  • The advanced degree cannot be in the faculty member’s own department or in a closely-related department or area. Whether a second department or area is too closely related to the person’s own department shall be determined by the Dean of Graduate Studies of the campus involved in consultation with the Graduate Committees of the two departments or areas. Permission may be granted to pursue an advanced degree in the equivalent department on another campus of the University of Nebraska.

  • Graduate Faculty will have their status suspended upon receiving permission to pursue an advanced degree in the Graduate College. However, such persons shall be eligible, with permission of the appropriate campus Dean of Graduate Studies and the appropriate Graduate Committee, to continue to teach graduate courses, supervise graduate students at a level commensurate with their former rank in the Graduate Faculty, and serve on graduate supervisory and examining committees.

  • Upon completing or withdrawing from an advanced degree program, the original Graduate Faculty status shall be reinstated upon recommendation by at least two-thirds of the Graduate Faculty of the department or area if the person returns to the same department in which they held an appointment originally. A change of appointment to another department requires that the person follow the established procedure for obtaining Graduate Faculty status.

  • Members of the university community employed on a permanent full-time basis and holding the rank of Assistant Professor or above may be admitted on a non-degree basis to take courses for personal and professional growth by supplying an Application for Graduate Admission and the application fee.

  • All other staff members are eligible for admission to all graduate admission categories and are subject to standard admission requirements.