Admission Policies

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  1. The Graduate College (UNL Graduate Studies) is open to graduates of all colleges of this University and to graduates of other universities and colleges of recognized standing whose requirements for graduation are substantially the same as those in the corresponding colleges of this University. The University of Nebraska is a public university committed to providing a quality education to a diverse student body. Students are selected on the basis of academic preparation, ability, and the availability of space in the desired academic program.

    It is the policy of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln not to discriminate based on gender, age, disability, race, color, religion, marital status, veteran’s status, national or ethnic origin, or sexual orientation.

    This policy is applicable to all University administered programs including educational programs, financial aid, admission policies and employment policies.

  2. All materials submitted become the permanent property of the Office of Graduate Studies and will not be photocopied for individual use, returned, or forwarded to other agencies.

  3. Information given falsely or withheld will affect the decision on an application and may make the applicant ineligible for admission and/or enrollment.

  4. Persons who have been dismissed from another institution for academic dishonesty or violations of student codes of conduct are not eligible for admission to UNL Graduate Studies.

  5. Applicants must have earned a bachelor's degree or higher from an institution that is regionally accredited, an institution that is accredited by an organization recognized by the Council on Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), or from an accredited foreign institution that is recognized by Graduate Studies.

  6. Acceptance for admission to a program leading to a masters degree, a doctoral degree, an educational specialist degree or a certificate is determined by the Graduate Committee within the academic unit and the Dean of Graduate Studies. This decision is based upon the applicant’s record, experience, personal qualifications, and proposed area of study. Departmental or area Graduate Committees make recommendations on all degree applications, but the final admission decision is the responsibility of the Dean of Graduate Studies.

  7. Notification of acceptance by a department Graduate Committee or faculty member is advisory only. Admission is granted solely by the Office of Graduate Studies and is confirmed by the issuance of a Certificate of Admission. Academic departments will notify applicants concerning awards of financial assistance.

  8. Negative admission decisions are not appealable.

  9. Most applicants will apply formally and be admitted to only one graduate degree program at a time. It is possible, however, to apply to two degrees simultaneously. In order to do so, one must treat each application as a completely separate entity, supplying for each one an application, an application fee, and any departmental materials. If accepted by both programs, the applicant must select only one program to enter since admission is limited to one program at a time (unless admission is to a dual-degree program).

    There are dual degree programs available in cooperation with the College of Law and certain participating programs in UNL Graduate Studies.

    If an enrolled student plans to move on to a new degree program upon completion of another, it is advisable to apply for admission to the new program early in the semester in which one plans to graduate.

  10. Entry into UNL Graduate Studies is valid for the specific semester indicated on the Certificate of Admission. However, a student may defer enrollment for a maximum of two terms if he or she meets certain Graduate College requirements and if the department in which graduate study would be pursued consents to the delay. (There is no guarantee of an offer of an assistantship if there is a request for postponement of enrollment.)

  11. The Office of Graduate Studies retains the right to revoke the earlier admission on the basis of new information or limited resources. International students may be required to provide current financial information in order to receive a valid I-20 or DS-2019 immigration form if they wish to delay their initial enrollment. Students who are admitted but who neither defer nor subsequently enroll must reapply.

  12. A graduate student, formerly or currently enrolled, who wishes to pursue a degree objective other than the one originally sought, must initiate a formal application for the new program by filing a new graduate application form, supplementing existing records, and fulfilling any departmental requirements prior to review by the departmental Graduate Committee and the College.

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