Supervisory Committee

In order to assure that students are under careful advisement and mentoring throughout their careers, a Supervisory Committee is established before a doctoral student has accumulated 45 credit hours including any transfer hours but excluding research or language tools.

The Supervisory Committee is appointed by the Dean of Graduate Studies based upon a recommendation of the departmental or program Graduate Committee in the student’s major prior to the approval of the program of study. 

The Supervisory Committee consists of at least four resident Graduate Faculty members.

  • All professors on the Supervisory Committee must either be on the graduate faculty or be non-graduate faculty approved to perform specified Graduate Faculty duties.
  • The Supervisory Committee must include at least one Graduate Faculty member external to the academic department or program in which the doctorate is to be granted but within the University of Nebraska system. If the student is pursuing a minor, the Graduate Faculty member from the minor department may serve as the outside representative.

Once the committee has been formed, an Appointment of Supervisory Committee form, signed by the Graduate Committee Chair, should be filed with the Office of Graduate Studies.