Courses with Graduate Credit

Courses numbered in the 800 and 900 series offer graduate credit. Courses in the 900 series and those in the 800 series without counterpart 400 or lower series numbers are open exclusively to graduate students except by permission of the Dean of Graduate Studies. These 800-series courses are identified in this bulletin with an asterisk (*).

Courses numbered in the 500s, 600s and 700s are professional (law, dentistry, and architecture) level and carry graduate credit only if the letter “G” follows the course number.

Courses numbered 400 or lower are undergraduate level and cannot be applied towards a graduate degree.

The general prerequisite for courses in the 800 series is at least 12 hours of work in the same department or in approved courses in allied departments. The general prerequisite for courses in the 900 series is at least 18 hours in the same department which may include approved courses in allied departments.

A student who enrolls in a course must have completed the general prerequisite, including any specific prerequisite indicated for the course. According to policies governing graduate-level courses, there is a required differentiation of faculty expectation regarding student performance and therefore grading criteria.