Doctor of Musical Arts

To qualify for the Doctor of Musical Arts (D.M.A.) degree, it is the student’s responsibility to meet the following requirements:

  1. Complete 90 semester credit hours, including a minimum of 3 hours doctoral document research.
  2. Pass a written comprehensive examination, in the major and minor fields of study.
  3. Prepare and submit an approved doctoral document to the University.
  4. Pass a final examination, which typically involves the defense of the doctoral document.
  5. Complete all work for the doctoral degree within eight years from the date of filing the student’s Program of Studies in the Office of Graduate Studies.

The residency and time requirements and the regulations pertaining to appointment of Supervisory Committees and submission of Programs of Studies for the Doctor of Musical Arts are the same as those for the Doctor of Philosophy degree with the exception of the dissertation hours required. Please refer to Doctoral Degree Requirements.

Establishing the Supervisory Committee will depend upon the student’s demonstrated ability in the fundamental subject matter of his or her field and on professional promise.

After admission requirements have been fulfilled, conferral of the DMA degree is contingent on a high level of attainment in the candidate’s major area. In composition, this will include performances of compositions composed after acceptance into the doctoral program. Work submitted for approval must include one work for chamber ensemble and one work for orchestra or its equivalent. In performance and jazz studies, this will include four full recitals and one lecture recital. The literature performed at these recitals must be representative of all major schools and styles within the performer’s chosen discipline. In conducting, three full recitals are required.

In addition, proficiency in music scholarship must be demonstrated by the completion of a doctoral document or, as determined by the composition faculty, other options for composition students, and completion of academic studies in music.

When a student has successfully completed the required coursework (excluding the final recital, applied music, ensemble and/or document), the student may petition for comprehensive examinations, which will be both written and oral. When these are successfully completed, the student is admitted to Candidacy for the degree. For further information, see “Comprehensive Examination and Admission to Candidacy” section. The presentation of the final recital or composition will take place after admission to Candidacy. The completion of the abstract and the doctoral document and its defense will complete requirements for the degree.