Drop and Add

Students may drop or add classes from the beginning of priority registration through the last day on which classes may be added for a term. Dates are published each semester in the Schedule of Classes. Students who do not initially register for classes until after the beginning of the term will be charged a late registration fee. No course may be added to a student’s record after the end of the add period (as published in the Schedule of Classes) without the permission of the instructor and the Office of Graduate Studies.

A course drop becomes effective for tuition and grade purposes on the date the transaction is processed by the student. Tuition liability for a course begins after the add period for a term.

A graduate student may drop a course without the instructor’s permission 3/4 of the way through the course. Any graduate student wishing to drop one or more classes after the 3/4 point of the term can do so only with the permission of the Office of Graduate Studies. The Dean of Graduate Studies will consult with the course instructor prior to approval. All courses dropped after the second week of the term are noted on the student’s academic record (transcript) with a “W” (withdrawn) grade designation.

For complete procedures, dates and regulations, refer to the current semester’s Academic Calendar.