Certificate of Specialization in Educational Administration and Supervision

The Department of Educational Administration offers a graduate-level administrator preparation program leading to a Certificate of Specialization in Educational Administration and Supervision. The minimum requirement is 66 semester credit hours, in a Program of Studies specified by the Department.

All students seeking the Certificate of Specialization must:

  1. Apply to Graduate Studies and be admitted to the Educational Administration & Supervision (EDAS-SXCT) program in the Department of Educational Administration. Information concerning application procedures and admission requirements are located on the Educational Administration program summary
  2. The certificate must be completed within six consecutive calendar years from the time of the student’s acceptance into the program by the Department. At the time of completion, none of the semester credit hours approved may be more than ten years old, except for credit hours earned in a previous degree program.
  3. Once all requirements are complete, the department will notify Graduate Studies so the student may receive their certificate through Graduation Services. 
  4. The student must submit an Application for Graduation to receive the UNL certificate.