Doctor of Education

The Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) degree emphasizes the application of theory to the improvement of educational practice. The test of knowledge is the ability to demonstrate applicability to a variety of educational situations. Emphasis is upon the development of decision-oriented inquiry skills in which the educator applies theory and knowledge to the solution of educational problems. The person holding the doctor of education degree is a practitioner of education, but one whose practice is drawn from a highly developed, scholarly study of educational theory coupled with skills of analysis which permit direct application of that theory.

To qualify for the Ed.D. degree, the student must meet the following requirements:

  1. Complete 96 semester credit hours including 6 hours of research tools and normally a minimum of 12 hours and a maximum of 55 hours of dissertation research.
  2. Pass a written comprehensive examination, in the major and minor fields of study.
  3. Prepare and submit an approved dissertation to the University.
  4. Pass a final examination, which typically involves the defense of the dissertation.
  5. Complete all work for the doctoral degree within eight years from the date of filing the student’s Program of Studies in the Office of Graduate Studies.

The residency and time requirements and the regulations pertaining to appointment of Supervisory Committees and submission of Programs of Studies for the Doctor of Education are the same as those for the Doctor of Philosophy degree. See Doctoral Degree Requirements.

Applicant Qualifications

An applicant for a doctoral degree in education must:

  1. Have earned a bachelors degree from a regionally accredited institution with the same general requirements as those indicated for masters degree candidates.
  2. Show evidence of the scholastic ability necessary for the successful pursuit of advanced work.
  3. Provide evidence of at least two years of successful professional experience or of a program of professional experience approved by the adviser.