Educational Specialist

The Educational Specialist degree prepares educational practitioners for specialized positions in public and private schools. It is especially appropriate for those individuals who wish preparation beyond the masters degree level, but who are not interested in doctoral work with its emphasis on research. The Ed.S. degree is a terminal degree and should not be viewed as a substitute for the doctorate nor as work completed toward it. See Educational Specialist Degree Forms and Deadlines. 

Hours of Credit

A minimum of 66 semester hours beyond the baccalaureate degree is required for the While specific requirements are determined by departmental units, in general 40 to 50 hours will be in core courses within the unit or closely related units, 3 hours or more will be research, 6 hours or more will be practicum, and 6 or more hours will be electives.

Qualifying Procedure

Applicants for the Ed.S. program should

  • have earned a bachelors degree from a regionally accredited institution; and
  • take qualifying examinations as required by the field of specialization.

Applications will be reviewed by faculty in the field of specialization and admission decisions made by the departmental Graduate Committee on the basis of academic and professional promise.

Supervisory Committee

With approval by the Graduate Committee Chair of the department, a Supervisory Committee consisting of three graduate faculty is appointed.   An Appointment of Supervisory Committee form should be filed before half of the hours are completed on the Program of Studies for the Ed.S.

Program of Studies

The Program of Studies for the Ed.S. consists of core courses, research, practica, and electives. The student must complete at least 24 hours subsequent to approval of the program of studies.

The time limit on granting the Ed.S. degree is six years from the time of filing the student’s plan of studies in the Office of Graduate Studies.

Comprehensive Examinations

A written comprehensive examination, developed by the Supervisory Committee, will be administered when the program is substantially complete. The committee determines the nature and duration of the examinations.  The results will be reported to the Office of Graduate Studies on the Final Report Form.

Once the student has met all the requirements for the Ed.S. degree, a Final Report Form will be signed by all the committee members and submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies.  This should be done prior to the deadline.