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Fellowships are awarded on a competitive basis in recognition of a student's demonstrated scholarship, scholastic and creative promise, and/or financial need. There is no service or work requirement associated with fellowship awards. A student holding a fellowship or a traineeship must be a full-time student during the period of appointment.

To be eligible a student must be admitted to a department or area with a specific graduate degree objective and must be enrolled in graduate academic course work. Students enrolled in certificate-only programs with no degree objective are ineligible for fellowships. International students must have completed one year of study at a US institution of higher education to be eligible for any of the current graduate student fellowships. Employees of the University of Nebraska, other than graduate assistants, are not eligible to receive a fellowship.

See also: UNL fellowships for current UNL graduate students and externally-funded fellowships.

Types of fellowships

Tuition Fellowships remit tuition for the full or partial cost of graduate courses according to the specific fellowship guidelines for the term of the award. Recipients of tuition fellowships are responsible for university program and facilities fees unless specifically included in the award announcement. Recipients must be admitted to a graduate program with a specific graduate degree objective.

Full Support Fellowship Awards from Graduate Studies (Presidential and Fling Fellowships) provide stipend payments for recipients of these awards. Fellowship recipients are required to be full-time students (at least 9 credit hours or have an approved full-time graduate status form) during the period of appointment and may hold another major fellowship. They may not engage in remunerative employment, including a graduate assistantship or traineeship.

Partial Support Fellowship Awards. Some fellowships provide partial support; students with these fellowships may hold other fellowships and assistantships.

Other information

The fellowship award should not in any way affect the amount of a graduate assistantship salary unless there is an accompanying real decrease in the teaching or research assignment and the corresponding FTE. Because of the potential appearance of a possible conflict of interest, employees of the University of Nebraska (other than graduate assistants) are ineligible for fellowship stipend awards.

Continuation of graduate fellowships may be denied to recipients under the following conditions:

  • failure to satisfy Scholastic Grade Requirements as specified in the UNL Graduate Studies Bulletin;
  • violations of the Code of Conduct as specified in the UNL Graduate Studies Bulletin; or
  • failure in qualifying examinations, preliminary examinations, comprehensive examinations or failure to make satisfactory progress in a graduate program.