Full/Part-time Status and Registration

Registration Requirements for Full/Part-time Status

DurationStatusCredit Hours
Academic Year Full-time (F) 9 cr hrs
3/4-time (T) 6-8 cr hrs
1/2-time (H) 4-5 cr hrs
Less than 1/2-time (L) 1-3 cr hrs
Summer Full-time (F) 6 cr hrs
3/4-time (T) 4-5 cr hrs
1/2-time (H) 3 cr hrs
Less than 1/2-time (L) 1-2 cr hrs

Full-Time Certification

Graduate students are considered full time when registered for 9 credit hours during an academic semester or at least 6 credit hours during the summer, whether or not the student holds a graduate assistantship.

Students in a thesis-option masters degree program (Option I) or doctoral student in candidacy, may request to be full-time certified each semester they are under enrolled for the time limit allowed for their degree.  

To be eligible for the full-time certification, the student must be currently registered for at least one credit hour and have been registered at least half time (i.e., at least 4 credits) in the fall and spring terms prior to the initiation of the full-time certification status. Masters students may utilize the full-time certification not longer than 12 months; doctoral candidates may utilize the full-time certification not longer than 24 months.