Graduate Grade Appeals

(Approved by UNL Graduate Council, March 9, 1993.)
Appeal of grades in graduate-level courses shall be made through the graduate student grade appeal procedures for the campus through which the grade was awarded.

Students who believe their evaluation in a course has been prejudiced or capricious must first attempt to resolve the matter with the course instructor.

If unsuccessful, the student may then file a written appeal to the Graduate Chair for consideration by the Graduate Committee responsible for the administration of the course. This appeal must be filed within sixty days of the posting of the grade report by the Office of the University Registrar. If the department does not have a graduate program, the standing grade appeal committee of the department would consider the appeal. A written determination of the appeal shall be presented to the student and instructor.

If the matter is unduly delayed or not resolved, the student may present the original appeal documentation to the UNL Dean of Graduate Studies who shall request a review by a subcommittee of the Graduate Council. A last appeal may be made to the full Graduate Council, if it agrees to hear the case.

Since awarding grades in courses occurs at the individual campus level, the decision of the UNL Graduate Council shall be final and is not subject to further appeal beyond the campus.

During the appeal process, if the instructor’s grade is overturned, the instructor of record has the right of appeal, in writing, at successive levels of review.