Masters Degree with Double Major

Students accepted into a double major must meet, at least, the minimum requirements for each of the majors. This includes graduate work of no less than 18 to 24 credit hours in each of the two disciplines, but never fewer than 18 credits, excluding cross-listed courses in the second major. The precise number of credits may vary depending on the total required hours for a particular major. For each of the two majors, students must take at least 8 credits in courses open only to graduate students (900 level or *800 level), excluding thesis hours.

The student is required to successfully satisfy the comprehensive examination schedule (written and/or oral examination(s)) administered for each major. The examination committee for students electing for the double major masters shall consist of two graduate faculty members from each of the major departments/areas. The committee shall be co-chaired by a faculty member from each of the major departments. All professors on the examining committee must either be on the graduate faculty or be non-graduate faculty approved to perform specified graduate faculty duties. At least one of the two members from each department must be on the graduate faculty.

For admission criteria, see Admission to a Double Major.