Procedure Summary for the Masters Degree

This outline of procedure should be studied carefully in connection with the deadlines published in the UNL Graduate Studies calendar. See Masters Degree Forms and Deadlines.

  1. Admission to UNL Graduate Studies.
  2. Register with consultation of the chair of the Graduate Committee and the major adviser and with the approval of the Dean of Graduate Studies.
  3. Remove admission deficiencies.
  4. File Memorandum of Courses, required for Candidacy, before grades (letter grades, no reports or incompletes) have been received in more than one half of the program and on recommendation of the major and minor departments and approval of the Dean of Graduate Studies.
  5. Apply for advanced degree at the Graduation Services Office at the outset of the semester or session in which graduation is planned.
  6. Submit the Final Examination Report for the masters degree to the Office of Graduate Studies at least four weeks (three weeks in summer) before the final examination, if required, but in no case later than four weeks before the final date for oral examinations. The report will be accepted after all course work on the Memorandum of Courses has been completed, or is in progress, and any outstanding incompletes have been removed.
  7. Present a preliminary copy of the thesis and abstract to the Graduate Studies Office, two weeks (one week in summer) prior to the oral examination, if required. If the oral examination is waived, the preliminary copy of the thesis and abstract must be presented to the Office of Graduate Studies no later than two weeks before the final date for oral examinations for any given session.
  8. Pass written examinations, if required, in major and minor fields at least one week prior to the time the oral examination is to be taken.
  9. Pass oral examination, if required, administered by the examining committee.
  10. Confirm upload of thesis including the abstract to Digital Commons, one copy of the title page, two copies of the abstract and the signed Final Examination Report Form to Graduate Studies to be stamped. Title page and one abstract will be delivered to the Dean of University Libraries, and archiving fee is paid to the Cashier’s Office. Upon receiving the signatures of the Library and the cashier on the Final Examination Report Form, it is returned to the Office of Graduate Studies.