Option I Thesis

The subject of the thesis should be chosen from the candidate’s field of major interest and must be approved by the departmental Graduate Committee. The thesis should reveal a capacity to carry on independent study or research and should demonstrate the student’s ability to use the techniques employed in her/his field of investigation.

Thesis Format

The thesis must conform in style and form to the guidelines set forth in the Guidelines for the Preparation and Submission of an Electronic Thesis found in our Masters Degree Forms and Deadlines.

A Candidate is not eligible for the oral examination until the thesis is completed and approved by the major adviser

Preliminary Approval by Adviser

The masters thesis and abstract in preliminary form must be approved by the adviser prior to applying for the final oral examination or for its waiver and should be presented to the committee at least two weeks prior to the oral examination.

Preliminary Review by Masters Specialist

At least two weeks before the date of the oral examination, submit an electronic copy of the thesis and abstract for preliminary review to the Masters Degree Specialist in the Office of Graduate Studies (note: for summer sessions, submit an electronic copy of the thesis and the abstract at least one week before the date for the oral examination).

Final Review (After Defense)

Following the successful completion of the oral examination, the student should submit an electronic copy to the Masters Degree Specialist for final approval.

Once the student receives notification of final approval, the thesis should be uploaded to Digital Commons. Upon a successful upload, the student will receive an email notification.  Follow these steps:

  1. Print this email notification.
  2. Bring the printed notification, one copy of the title page, two copies of the abstract and their signed Final Examination Report Form to the Masters Degree Specialist in the Office of Graduate Studies, 1100 Seaton Hall.
  3. The title page and one of the abstracts will be stamped for approval and returned to the student for depositing in 318 Love Library.
  4. The Final Examination Report Form will be signed by the personnel in the Library.
  5. Proceed to the Cashier in Canfield Administration Building and pay the archiving fee. The cashier will sign off on the Final Examination Report Form.
  6. Return to the Office of Graduate Studies with the signed Final Examination Report Form from the Cashier’s office.
  7. Consult with your major adviser about the number of additional copies of the thesis which should be prepared, and also about the binding of these copies. One copy must be filed in the departmental office of the major and, typically, one copy is furnished to the major adviser who directed the study.