Program of Studies

The Program of Studies should be filed in the Office of Graduate Studies with at least half of the program of courses remaining to be taken for the student’s doctoral program.

The Program of Studies should

  • be filed in the Office of Graduate Studies within the same semester as the appointment of the Supervisory Committee;
  • contain at least 90 semester credit hours including a minimum of 12 or a maximum of 55 hours of dissertation research;
  • include any departmental language or research tool requirements, and the general area of research for the dissertation;
  • reflect a major from the list of approved doctoral programs. At least half of the graduate work, including the dissertation, will be done in this field.

The Supervisory Committee will determine what course work taken prior to filing of a Program of Studies, including hours earned toward the masters degree(s), will be accepted as part of the 90-hour program.

  • The Supervisory Committee is not obligated to reduce the doctoral Program of Studies by applying course work completed prior to its appointment.
  • Prior course work should be assessed in relation to its contribution to framing a research foundation for the doctorate. Each course accepted must be determined to be current and relevant in relation to the desired degree.
  • No graduate credit will be accepted from a previously awarded doctoral degree at any institution, including UNL.
  • The time limit on granting the doctoral degree is eight years from the time of filing the student’s Program of Studies in the Office of Graduate Studies.

Any subsequent change in the program is approved by the Supervisory Committee and the action reported to the Office of Graduate Studies in writing.