Interdisciplinary Program of Studies

An Individualized Interdisciplinary Doctoral (IID) program of studies is designed for students who wish to tailor a program to meet their professional interests and research endeavors across programs.  Although it allows a high degree of flexibility, an IID Program of Studies is a rigorous program and requires the approval of Graduate Studies as well as the participating academic units.  It should not be considered an alternative for students who cannot gain admission to other programs. Also, it is not a mechanism for offering the PhD degree within units which do not have their own authorized PhD programs. An (IID) program of studies may be developed only with programs which offer a doctoral degree.

A student interested in setting up an IID program of studies may select a field of study that integrates material offered in two or more departments without meeting the specific major requirements of one program.  

For information on developing an IID Program of Studies, contact the Doctoral Specialist in the Office of Graduate Studies.