Certificate Program Requirements

Graduate certificates

Our Programs Offered pages list available Graduate Certificates, with links to details like application instructions and course requirements.

A graduate certificate program is a sequence of courses providing participants with specialized knowledge and skills for personal enrichment, professional advancement, and/or career change, providing a basic introduction to an established field of study, an interdisciplinary approach linking several fields, and/or a concentrated focus on a sub-field. A graduate certificate program is designed to enhance the marketability of graduate students or to provide a service to a segment of the community through short-term graduate education.

Students earn a certificate after completing a prescribed amount of coursework.  Graduate certificate programs may function independently of degree programs, and lead to a certificate rather than a degree. (However, hours earned in certificate programs may be applied to a degree program.) Graduate certificate programs are typically designed for post-baccalaureate, graduate or post-graduate students. A completed graduate certificate will be noted on the official UNL graduate transcript.

Teacher certification

Teacher certifications are granted by the State of Nebraska's Department of Education rather than by UNL. The UNL transcript will indicate completion of certificate requirements and eligibility for the state certificate. The following are among the academic objective options on the Application for Admission to Graduate Study.

  • Certificate in Educational Administration and Supervision offered by the Department of Educational Administration
  • State certifications offered by the Nebraska Department of Education
    • Teaching Certificate - Initial
    • Teaching Certificate - Renewal
    • Administrative Certificate - Initial
    • Administrative Certificate - Renewal
    • Endorsements

UNL certification officer: Dr. Tom Wandzilak, College of Education and Human Sciences.

See also:  Academic Credit/Academic Progress Policies.