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For general communication with the Office of Graduate Studies, which includes Graduate Admissions:

402-472-2875 - Phone
800-742-8800 - Toll-Free (US/Canada only)
402-472-0589 - Fax

Office of Graduate Studies
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
1100 Seaton Hall
Lincoln NE 68588-0619

Office hours are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

Photo of Seaton Hall
Seaton Hall
Partial map of campus
Partial map of City Campus. Also available: larger, zoomable map.

How to find Graduate Studies

The Office of Graduate Studies is located on UNL's City Campus in downtown Lincoln.

Graduate Studies is in Seaton Hall, on U Street between 15th and 16th Streets. (It's the northernmost part of the Selleck double quadrangle, directly south of the University Health Center.) The entrance to the building is on the inside of the quad, away from the street. Graduate Studies occupies the first floor plus part of the second. More about Seaton Hall...

Visitor parking is available around campus; the nearest spaces are at the meters along 16th Street and S Street. Alternatively, Lincoln has several downtown parking garages which are close to campus.

Who to Contact About What

If you have questions or comments for Graduate Studies, here's where to send them. (See also: Graduate Studies FAQ.)


Not sure who to talk to? You can always send your questions or comments to or call 402-472-2875 and we'll do our best to route them to the most appropriate people.


How to apply for graduate admission; admission requirements; admission procedures; application status
Contact Graduate Studies (Admissions),, 402-472-2875.
Upload transcripts via MyRED; any materials required on paper should be mailed to:
Attn: Admissions
Office of Graduate Studies
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
1100 Seaton Hall
Lincoln NE 68588-0619
Departmental admission requirements; space available in your department
Contact your department (see our list of departments and degrees).

Enrolled Students

Master's degree procedures; master's thesis guidelines
Contact Terri Eastin.
Doctoral degree procedures; doctoral dissertation guidelines; Ed.S. degree procedures
Contact Eva Bachman.


Assistantships: Contact your department or Jane Schneider.
Fellowships: Contact Jane Schneider.
Graduate Studies website
Graduate Bulletin: Contact Jane Schneider.
Graduate Connections Newsletter: Contact Elizabeth Edwards.
Career and Professional Development: Contact Neal Bryan.
Graduate Program Summaries: Contact Stacy Dam.
Graduate Student Ambassadors: Contact Stacy Dam.
Social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.): Contact Stacy Dam.
Other parts of the Graduate Studies website (broken links, etc.): Contact Erin Paseka.

Faculty and Staff

Curriculum changes
Contact Jane Schneider.
New degrees, majors, minors, specializations, or certificates
Contact Laurie Bellows.
Graduate student lists or statistics
Contact Institutional Research.

Directory: Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies


Perez Dr. Lance Pérez, Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean of Graduate Studies
Bellows Dr. Laurie Bellows, Associate Dean of Graduate Studies


Dam Stacy Dam, Assistant Director of Graduate Recruitment
Griffin Jemalyn Griffin, Assistant Director of Graduate Recruitment, Online and Distance Programs
Jobes Maggie Jobes, Assistant Director of Graduate Recruitment
Soper Steve Soper, Assistant Director of Recruitment Technology


Cruise Jason Cruise, Associate Director, Admissions Operations & Technology
Ashbury Mary Ashbury, Graduate Admissions Evaluator
Coleman Casey Coleman, Graduate Admissions Evaluator
Hackwith Gail Hackwith, Student Services Specialist
Shrader Pat Shrader, Graduate Admissions Evaluator
Wallman Curly Wallman, Project Technician

Student Services and Development

Bachman Dr. Eva Bachman, Doctoral Programs Specialist
Boehler Carol Boehler, Program Coordinator, McNair Scholars Program and Graduate Student Development
Bryan A Angela Bryan, International Graduate Student Support Specialist
Bryan N Neal Bryan, Associate Director of Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Development
Eastin Terri Eastin, Master's Programs Specialist
Edwards Dr. Elizabeth Edwards, Associate Director of Graduate Student Development
Lombardo Dr. Richard Lombardo, Director of Postdoctoral Studies and Graduate Student Development
Mathiasen Dr. Robert Mathiasen, Online and Distance Education Specialist
Schneider Jane Schneider, Fellowships and Assistantships Specialist and Graduate Registrar
Swanson Hollie Swanson, Program Coordinator, Graduate Student Development, Postdoc Studies, and UCARE

Departmental Services

Hiatt Terry Hiatt, Accounting Technician
Paseka Erin Paseka, Graduate Data Systems Specialist

Looking for someone not listed here? Try the UNL Directory.

Seaton Hall, Past and Present

Seaton Hall is currently home to Graduate Studies and several other campus offices.

The following is an excerpt from "Open house to showcase Seaton Hall" in the August 25, 2005, edition of The Scarlet.

[Offices now in Seaton Hall] are: the Institute for Ethnic Studies (African American and African Studies, Latino and Latin American Studies, Native American Studies); Graduate Studies; International Studies; Judaic Studies; Plains Humanities Alliance; Undergraduate Studies; Women's Studies; and the Cather Project (whose main office is located in Andrews Hall).

A part of the Selleck Quadrangle, Seaton Hall opened in the fall of 1954. Seaton is named after Lawrence F. Seaton (1887-1948) [who] was the university's operating superintendent and purchasing agent. Seaton, an NU graduate, gave 35 years of service to the university. Under his direction, many prominent campus buildings--including the Coliseum, Field House, Nebraska Union, Andrews Hall, Morrill Hall, Love Library and a number of residence halls--were constructed.

Seaton Hall was first a dormitory during the post war years at UNL when the influx of returning soldiers caused a housing shortage. In the early 1970s Seaton was converted from a residence hall into a number of offices and housed faculty from such departments as educational psychology, actuarial science, and housing.

In Oct. 2000 Graduate Studies became the sole occupant, with a redesigned entryway which included a handicap accessible door and elevator. The Plains Humanities Alliance and the Cather Project joined graduate studies in 2001. In 2003, with the creation of the Office of Undergraduate Studies, plans were under way to renovate the second and third floors to create usable office space and conference rooms.

Renovation began in the summer of 2004 to convert the old offices/dorm rooms and offices began taking up residence [in the spring of 2005].