Graduate Commencement

Upcoming Ceremonies

Spring 2015 Graduate Commencement
Friday, May 8, 2015
Pinnacle Bank Arena

Summer 2015 All University Commencement
Saturday, August 15, 2015, 9:00 a.m.
Pinnacle Bank Arena
Awarding Doctoral, Masters and Baccalaureate degrees

For more information refer to the University Registrar's Graduate Ceremony and Commencement Schedule.

Remarks from Past Graduate Commencements

Donna Dudney
May 2013
Recess, Study Hall and the Teacher’s Lounge
Dr. Donna Dudney
Associate Professor of Finance

Chris Calkins
December 2012
Why Are You Here?
Dr. Chris Calkins
Professor of Animal Science

Carolyn Pope Edwards
August 2012
Commencement, a Day of Hopeful Beginnings
Dr. Carolyn Pope Edwards
Willa Cather Professor and Professor of Psychology and Child, Youth, and Family Studies

Kwame Dawes
May 2012
Born at the Right Time: A Reflection
Dr. Kwame Dawes
Professor of English and Glenna Luschei Editor of Prairie Schooner

Charles Wood
December 2011
You are the world
Dr. Charles Wood
Lewis Lehr/3M University Professor, Biological Sciences

John Hibbing
August 2011
Thank you
Dr. John Hibbing
Foundation Regents University Professor, Political Science

Patrick Dussault
May 2011
Continuing your journey of discovery: accomplishment as the foundation for opportunity
Dr. Patrick Dussault
Charles Bessey Professor of Chemistry

Mary Uhl-Bien
December 2010
Nebraskans Leading the Way
Dr. Mary Uhl-Bien
Professor of Management, Howard Hawks Chair in Business Ethics and Leadership, and Co-Director of the Institute for Innovative Leadership

William Thomas
August 2010
Art Does Not Come Easy
Dr. William G. Thomas, III
John and Catherine Angle Chair in the Humanities and Professor of History

P. Stephen Baenziger
May 2010
An Education: What It Means
Dr. P. Stephen Baenziger
Eugene W. Price Distinguished Professor, Professor of Agronomy

Margaret Jacobs
December 2009
Stravinsky, a Monk, and a Waitress: Diverse Paths to a Scholarly Life
Dr. Margaret Jacobs
Director, Women's and Gender Studies
Professor, Department of History

Mehrdad Negahban
August 2009
A life with endless starts riding upon your changing dreams
Dr. Mehrdad Negahban
Associate Professor, Department of Engineering Mechanics

Judy Walker
May 2009
The Height of Knowledge
Dr. Judy L. Walker
Professor of mathematics

John E. Anderson
December 2008
Dollars and Diplomas: What Makes Pieces of Paper so Valuable?
Dr. John E. Anderson
Baird Family Professor of Economics and Associate Dean of the College of Business Administration

Miles Bryant
August 2008
The Diploma: Ten Words of Consequence
Dr. Miles Bryant
Professor of educational administration

Azzeddine Azzam
May 2008
A Timeless and Solitary Page
Dr. Azzeddine Azzam
Professor of agricultural economics

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