StudentBlue Health Insurance: Frequently Asked Questions

Medical, Dental, Vision and Pharmacy Coverage
Academic Year 2014-2015 Premium Benefit for Graduate Students

These questions and answers are designed to be a quick summary of the StudentBlue plan. For specific questions about insurance benefit provisions students should refer to StudentBlue or call the Health Center's student health insurance coordinator at 402-472-7436 or 402-472-7509.

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What does this plan cover?

  • Your plan will pay for covered medical expenses for accidents or illnesses for an unlimited amount in the policy year (August 14, 2014 to August 13, 2015).
  • The annual deductible is $500 per insured per policy year.
  • When the Health Center fee via UPFF fees has been paid, covered medical expenses incurred at the University Health Center will be payable at 100% with waiver of the deductible. For treatment received outside the Health Center, covered preferred provider expenses are paid at 80% of the negotiated charge. Covered non-preferred provider expenses are paid at 50% of the reasonable charge.
  • Co-Pay: In addition to the policy year deductible and co-insurance maximum, each insured person will be responsible for a $300 emergency room visit co-pay amount and a $300 per inpatient admission co-pay amount. 
  • Medical evacuation and repatriation benefits are included in this policy without additional cost.

What is the cost to insure myself?

  • The total cost of the insurance premium is $1656.24. Graduate assistants will contribute about 21% ($347.81) of the total annual cost.
  • The total premium cost for the fall semester (August 14 to December 31) is $700.10; of that amount, the graduate assistant cost is $147.02 and the university-paid portion is $553.08.
  • The total premium cost for the spring/summer semesters (January 1 to August 13) is $976.14; of that amount, the graduate assistant cost is $204.99 and the university-paid portion is $771.15.

Can I insure my dependents?

  • Yes, dependents may be insured as long as the student's coverage remains in force. The premium cost for each child is $1242.24; the annual premium for a spouse or eligible domestic partner is $1739.16.
  • If you wish to insure dependents, you may sign up online at StudentBlue. Enrollment is per fall semester and spring/summer semester. Premium may be paid with VISA, MasterCard, or Discover.

What is the deadline to obtain insurance?

  • Enrollment completed prior to September 13, 2014, will be effective from August 14, 2014. Coverage for students who enroll after September 14, 2014, will be effective on the date the enrollment is completed.

How do I get enrolled?

  • Graduate Assistants and international students will be automatically enrolled. Graduate assistants or international students (F1 or J1 visa holders) should not enroll online or sign up on the MyRED account to obtain the individual basic coverage.
  • Dependents of students will need to enroll online at the StudentBlue Website.
  • All other UNL students enroll in MyRED under “Additional Services.” If you miss the enrollment deadline, you can enroll at StudentBlue.
  • It is not mandatory for U.S. domestic students to participate in the student health insurance program. F1 or J1 visa holding international students must participate unless they provide proof of comparable insurance and complete a waiver each semester by the published deadline. See Waiver Policy.

Who is eligible to buy this insurance?

  • All students enrolled in three or more credit hours at UNL and who have paid the University Health Center facility fee are eligible to purchase this plan.
  • Students who are enrolled for 7 or more credits during an academic semester or 6 or more credits during the summer semester will have paid the University Health Center fee as part of the Program and Facilities Fee (UPFF fees).
  • Students who are enrolled for fewer than 7 hours in the academic semesters or fewer than 6 credits in the summer semester (including those who are certified as full-time) must pay the University Health Center fee (because it is not part of the University Program and Facilities Fee at the lower enrollment level) in order to use the University Health Center.

What if I don't want the benefit?

  • Graduate assistants who do will be automatically enrolled in the plan and their student account will be charged, unless they choose to opt out of the plan. To opt out of the plan requires completion of the Student Health Insurance Waiver Request Form by 09/13/2014 (Fall) or 01/30/2015 (Spring/Summer). To complete the waiver process, go to the UHC webpage and follow waiver instructions. The form must be filled out EACH semester by the published deadline.

Will I get an identification card to use?

  • Yes, one will be mailed to you; please be sure your address is current in MyRED.

Where can an insured person receive medical care?

  • Students must receive medical care from the University Health Center or any Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska provider.  Please note that the deductible is waived if you receive medical care at the University Health Center.

Is dental care covered?

  • Yes, dental care is a covered service. A Preventive/Basic policy package is included in the premium.
  • You get two healthy mouth check-ups at the University Student Dental Office.
  • For more information about your dental coverage refer to StudentBlue or call Sue Heng at 402-472-7402.

Are prescriptions covered?

  • Yes, prescription drugs are covered.  There is a $5 co-pay for a 30-day supply for generics and a $30 co-pay for a 30-day supply for brand-names when you use the University Health Center Pharmacy.
  • The co-pay at any other pharmacy is $10 for a 30 day supply for generics and a $40 co-pay for brand names.

What about vision care?

  • The plan pays $100 for one eye exam per benefit year at the University Health Center.  For dependent coverage, see the StudentBlue Website.
  • The plan pays up to $50 per benefit year for one eye exam outside of the University Health Center.