Funding Opportunities November 2013

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program

Funding Your Dissertation

Whether you’re looking for a few extra dollars to fund research or a larger fellowship that will pay for a year or two of focused work on your dissertation, a research grant can be just the ticket for finishing your dissertation and launching your career. A smaller award shows that you’re capable of getting money to fund research and, when it comes time to apply for a larger award, you’ve demonstrated that you are capable of using funds effectively to support your work.

NSF Graduate Research Fellowships

Graduate students new to the University of Nebraska—Lincoln who also research in the STEM fields may be eligible for a fellowship through the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program (NSF-GRFP). Research fields include Engineering; Computer and Information Sciences and Engineering; Materials Research; Mathematical Sciences; Chemistry; Physics and Astronomy; Social Sciences; Psychology; STEM Education and Learning; Life Sciences; and Geosciences.

Funding Opportunities February 2007

The Nebraska Center for Energy Sciences Research: Aquila Energy Sciences Fellowship