Developing Mentoring Relationships That Last

AN EFFECTIVE MENTORING RELATIONSHIP passes through phases of development. Early on, your mentor will recognize your unique qualities and your need for special coaching. In turn, this recognition should inspire you to seek out your mentor's support, skills and wisdom. Later, both of you will explore and deepen your working relationship, perhaps collaborating on projects while you develop into a junior colleague. At some point, you may grow in ways that require separation from your mentor, to test your own ideas.

Success in Graduate School

There’s no perfect formula for negotiating graduate school. However, many people have thought about and written on this topic, and everyone who has gone to graduate school seems to agree on some common themes. Obviously, choosing an adviser, and to a lesser degree a supervisory committee, is pivotal in determining your experience as a graduate student. After you have chosen an adviser, though, what else should you do to start your graduate career out right? We offer the following advice:

Graduate School Companion

Princeton Review’s Graduate School Companion will be available in January 2007 from Random House. Pursuing a master’s degree or a Ph.D. is a major life decision and a process that is intellectually demanding, financially challenging, and sometimes emotionally taxing. The Graduate School Companion is a source of practical advice and support for current and future graduate students.

Reminders from the Office of Graduate Studies


If you haven’t completed a four-year degree before you're admitted to UNL, your Certificate of Admission will specify your admission as "contingent upon submission of final (degree) transcripts from <your Bachelor's-Granting Institution>."  This notification will also appear on the student information system.

The First Ten Weeks of Graduate School

August 2009

Week 1 (Aug. 17-21) 

Attend all new student orientation sessions offered to you. It’s anopportunity to learn more about what’s expected of you, and you’ll meet other new students as well as more advanced students and faculty. For information about orientation activities in your department, contact your adviser.
Teaching assistants are welcome to attend the campuswide workshops for teaching assistants on Aug. 18. Also, take full advantage of the new student welcome festivities on Aug. 21 in the City Campus Union.

Five Quick Tips for Writing Effective E-mails

E-mail is an increasingly preferred tool for communication between students and faculty. When communicating with your professors via e-mail, it’s important to remember that many faculty view an e-mail message as a letter that was delivered quickly rather than a quick conversation. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when writing e-mail messages to your professors.

Tips on Time Management

In Graduate Study for the 21st Century (Palgrave Macmillan, 2005), Gregory Colon Semenza notes that “poor time management and inadequate organization skills” often create the major barrier to a successful graduate school experience.  To help you manage your time and your work materials, we’ve summarized some of his suggestions.

Graduate School Companion

Pursuing a master’s degree or a Ph.D. is a major life decision and a process that is intellectually demanding, financially challenging and sometimes emotionally taxing. The Princeton Review’s Graduate School Companion offers practical advice and support for current and future graduate students. From paying for graduate school, to what to expect as a degree candidate, to preparing for a successful job search, the Graduate School Companion is a useful resource for graduate students in any discipline.

Why Are You Here?

You may have heard this more than once as you prepared for graduate school: "It’s a job!" But it’s not that simple. Graduate school is more than a job. In graduate school you learn to be a professional in your field. You extend your professional understanding of your discipline through independent reading and study, and you learn to communicate that understanding through the development of important teaching and research skills. In short, you learn to think and act like a physicist or a sociologist or an economist. So it’s more than a job. It’s your future.

Being A Self-Directed Learner

One of the key differences between undergraduate and graduate education is that graduate students are responsible for a much larger part of the learning process.