Graduate Students as Stewards of the Discipline

When you think of a steward, you might imagine someone in a manor who ensures the household runs smoothly, the tenants are cared for, and the buildings are kept in good repair with an eye toward preserving the enterprise for generations to come. In short, a manager.

Working Effectively with Faculty and Colleagues

Success in graduate school, whether in course work, research, or teaching does not happen in a vacuum. To succeed, you need to collaborate effectively with your professors, mentors, and colleagues so you can improve your own work and provide helpful feedback to others. Working well together and learning to collaborate in graduate school also prepares you for productive working relationships later in your career. While it may seem like you’d get more done if you were to “go it alone,” there are many benefits to learning to collaborate early in your graduate career.

Managing Your Graduate Program

While graduate study is unique to every student, there are many similarities in the timeline across programs and departments. We’re outlining the requirements of the most common graduate degrees so you’re aware of how the degree requirements are structured at UNL and who will be able to help you along your way.

Remember that you bring your own experiences with a different college administration along with you; there may be key differences between your former college and UNL. Don’t hesitate to ask for clarification.

Subject Librarians

Subject librarians a valuable and, for some students, little known resource on our campus. Each librarian provides instruction and support for the academic department they serve, and they all have individual expertise in the research sources and methods that best meet the needs of their department. Additionally, subject librarians are knowledgeable about library services, policies, and collections, all valuable information for students to use.