Graduate Recruitment Grants and Fellowships


The 2015-2016 Application for Recruitment Grants and Fellowships form is due in Graduate Studies by October 1, 2014.

After you apply: We will bundle and forward the proposals to the relevant academic deans and the fellowship committee for their rankings and input. Their recommendations will be forwarded to our office by October 15. Units will be notified of their Recruitment Grant and Fellowship awards by December 1.


The Graduate Recruitment Grant program is intended to help departments enhance their efforts to recruit top-quality graduate students by funding specific recruitment initiatives. Departments may apply for up to $2,500 to cover the costs associated with aspects of recruitment related to encouraging high ability applicants and admitted students to make the decision to enroll at UNL.

The primary purpose of the grant money is to enhance your department's ability to attract a broader pool of top-quality graduate students to your graduate degree programs.

With this goal in mind, funds for 2015-2016 may be spent on your choice of recruitment efforts such as sponsored campus visits, website development, and more.

Funds may not be used for faculty or staff salaries or stipends.


The Graduate Recruitment Fellowship program is intended to assist departments in their efforts to persuade their top candidates to enroll by providing additional funding beyond a departmental assistantship.

Departments may apply for a maximum of:
  • 2 Othmer Fellowships
  • 2 Chancellor's Fellowships
  • 15 Edgren Graduate Tuition Fellowships

Once awarded, each department or interdisciplinary degree program is free to allocate the fellowships to any prospective graduate student who meets the criteria for a specific fellowship program.

Our Prospective Students section provides a detailed description of each recruitment fellowship.