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The Community College Leadership Certificate is a special program of 15 credit hours of graduate course work in educational leadership. The program is designed to develop professional leadership capabilities to meet the needs of potential and current community college leadership personnel. Students who complete the program will be awarded a Certificate from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

The program has the potential to serve a variety of people interested in leadership roles in community colleges. The program can serve those who are just beginning their career in community college administration as well as those who are in leadership positions and need or desire additional preparation.

Distance Education Opportunities

All five courses required for this program are completed online.

Community College Leadership

  • This graduate certificate is offered by the Department of Educational Administration.
  • On the Web
    Department Website
  • Graduate Chair
    Dr. Brent Cejda
    Educational Administration
  • Staff Contact
    Cindy DeRyke

Application Checklist and Deadlines

Required by the Office of Graduate Studies

See also: steps to admission.

Required by the Department for this Certificate

Application Deadline

Rolling admissions; contact department for more information.


The Community College Leadership Certificate is a 15 credit hour program. To earn the Certificate, participants must first be admitted to the program and then complete the five designated courses, 3 credit hours each, in the Department of Educational Administration (EDAD).

EDAD 923 - The Community College
EDAD 929 - Organizational Development and Change
EDAD 935 - Workforce, Economic, and Community Development
EDAD 934 - Teaching and Learning in the Community College
EDAD 912B - Community College Leadership

More Course Information

The Graduate Bulletin provides course descriptions, prerequisites, degree program requirements, and more.

The Schedule of Classes specifies dates, times, locations, and instructors when this course is offered.

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