Mixed Methods Research

Graduate Certificate Program Summary


The pressure to conduct research by federal, state and accreditation agencies is becoming more and more prevalent in a variety of settings including academia and health care. Research is increasingly reliant on mixed methods techniques.

The Mixed Methods Research graduate certificate is a stand-alone credential that can provide you with the research skills necessary to fulfill this very important need.

This certificate is well-suited for current and future doctoral students seeking to enhance their professional skills and training. Individuals with no training in mixed methods research, such as those from the allied-health professions, would also benefit from the coursework.

Distance education opportunities

Courses may be completed online or at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
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This graduate certificate is offered by the Department of Educational Psychology.

Certificate Coordinator

Dr. Charles Ansorge

Department Contact

Ms. Allison Jones

Application checklist and deadlines

Required by the Office of Graduate Studies

See also: steps to admission.

Required by the department for this certificate

Application deadline
Rolling admission, contact department for more information


The Mixed Methods Research graduate certificate is a 18 credit hour program. To earn the Certificate, participants must complete two statistics courses, one measurements course, two qualitative methods courses, and one mixed methods course. With adviser and committee approval, students can transfer in a maximum of six credit hours from an accredited institution.

EDPS 859, EDPS 860, EDPS 870, EDPS 900K, EDPS 935, and EDPS 936 may be completed online.


Must complete 6 credits
EDPS 859: Statistical Methods
EDPS 860: Applications of Selected Advanced Statistics
EDPS 941: Intermediate Statistics: Experimental Methods
EDPS 942: Intermediate Statistics: Correlational Methods
EDPS 971: Structural Equation Modeling
EDPS 972: Multivariate Analysis


EDPS 870: Introduction to Education and Psychology Measurement

Qualitative Methods

Must complete 6 credits
EDPS 900K: Qualitative Approaches to Educational Research
EDPS 935: Seminar in Qualitative Research
EDPS 930A: Ethnographic Research
EDPS 930D: Discourse Analysis

Mixed Methods

EDPS 936: Mixed Methods Research

More course information

The Course Catalog in the Graduate Bulletin provides course descriptions and prerequisites, grouped by subject area.

The Schedule of Classes specifies dates, times, locations, and instructors for courses being offered in current and near-future terms.

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