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The certificate in Teaching of Writing is designed specifically for students interested in enhancing their teaching skills in the area of writing. This certificate provides advanced coursework in rhetoric, literacy, writing and teacher inquiry. Students who successfully complete the certificate requirements will benefit from improved professional skills and marketability.

Teaching of Writing

  • This graduate certificate is offered by the Department of English.
  • On the Web
    Department Website
  • Graduate Chair
    Dr. Marco Abel
  • Faculty Contact
    Professor Shari Stenberg
    342 Andrews Hall
    Lincoln NE 68588-0333

Application Checklist and Deadlines

Required by the Office of Graduate Studies

See also: steps to admission.

Required by the Department for this Certificate

  • Plan of study approved by the director of the certificate program

Application Deadline

Rolling admission, contact department for more information.


The graduate certificate program consists of five courses. Due to the variation in credit per course, students will take 15 - 18 semester credit hours. Up to six credit hours may be taken outside the English Department.

Unless otherwise noted, courses listed below are 3 credit hours each.

Take at least one of these three courses.

ENGL 857A - Composition and Rhetoric
ENGL 957 - Composition Theory and Practice
ENGL 957B - Nebraska Writing Project Summer Institute

ENGL 857 - Composition Theory and Practice
ENGL 857B - Nebraska Writing Project
ENGL 875 - Rhetoric
ENGL 875A - Rhetoric of Women Writers
ENGL 895 - Internship in Teaching English
ENGL 895A - Nebraska Writing Project Internship
ENGL 880 - Writing Theory and Practice for Consultants
ENGL 882 - Literacy and Community
ENGL 973 - Seminar in Literacy Theory
ENGL 976 - Rhetorical Theory
ENGL 992B - Place-Conscious Teaching
TEAC 813 - Studies in Teaching ESL
TEAC 818 - Teaching Writing
TEAC 838 - Linguistics for the Classroom Teacher
TEAC 840 - Culture and Schooling
TEAC 921 - Seminar in Literacy Studies
TEAC 944A - Curriculum as Aesthetic Text
TEAC 950 - Contextual Research in English/Language Arts
TEAC 952 - Language and Learning
TEAC 953 - Seminar in Writing in the Curriculum

More Course Information

The Graduate Bulletin provides course descriptions, prerequisites, degree program requirements, and more.

The Schedule of Classes specifies dates, times, locations, and instructors when this course is offered.

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