Majors by Affiliated College

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln offers you 58 doctoral degree programs and 68 master's degree programs to choose from. Several of those are available via online and distance education.

We also offer graduate certificate programs, primarily for students seeking a professional credential other than an academic degree or in addition to one.

This is a narrow list of graduate majors, arranged by affiliated academic college. (All graduate programs are in the Graduate College.) For a broader index that includes areas of study, graduate certificates, and more, try our programs offered A to Z page.

College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources

College of Arts & Sciences

Anthropology (MA)
Biochemistry (MS, PhD)
Biological Sciences (MS, PhD)
Chemistry (MS, PhD)
Communication Studies (MA, PhD)
Computer Science (MS, PhD)
Earth and Atmospheric Sciences (MS, PhD)
English (MA, PhD)
Geography (MA, PhD)
History (MA, PhD)
Mathematics (MA, MS, MAT, MScT, PhD)
Modern Languages & Literatures (MA, PhD)
Philosophy (MA, PhD)
Physics & Astronomy (MS, PhD)
Political Science (MA, PhD)
Psychology (MA, PhD)
Sociology (MA, PhD)
Statistics (MS, PhD)
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College of Business Administration

Accountancy (MPA, PhD*)
Actuarial Science (MS)
Business (MA, MBA, PhD)
Economics (MA, PhD)
Finance (PhD*)
Management (PhD*)
Marketing (PhD*)
Survey Research and Methodology (MS, PhD)

* Available as a specialization in Business.
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College of Education & Human Sciences

College of Engineering

College of Fine & Performing Arts