Welcome to Greek Life at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln! We're glad to see that you're interested in fraternity and sorority recruitment! Here's how to apply:

Fraternity Recruitment
There is no formal deadline or fee to apply for Fraternity Recruitment.  To apply log on to http://www.unlgreek.com.  When you complete your application, we'll email you when summer recruitment begins with information on how to create an online account to monitor and oversee your experience.

To apply the old-school way, complete & submit the following pdf.

Fraternity Recruitment Application.pdf download

Sorority Formal Recruitment
Sorority Formal Recruitment 2014 begins on August 18 and runs through August 23, 2014.  Registration opens on May 20 and closes on July 19; an application fee of $80 will be assessed at the time of registration.  No late applications will be accepted–no exceptions.

Formal recruitment applicants should apply online here after having received their spring 2014 cumulative GPA.

Sorority Open Recruitment
Open Recruitment is held throughout the academic year, beginning August 25th.  Sororities may participate voluntarily, depending on the size and needs of the chapter.  Open Recruitment events are often informal activities planned and held by each sorority.  Apply for Sorority Open Recruitment by submitting the application below.

Sorority Open Recruitment Application.pdf download

For information on Multicultural Greek or National Pan-Hellenic Greek intake/recruitment, contact Greek Affairs at (402) 472-2582.

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