Chapter Values

General Overview

  • The Chapter Values Inventory (CVI) is a chapter reported tool that the Office of Greek Affairs uses to both recognize and evaluate our chapters at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The tool is rooted in the 6 campus values of the character campaign of the University of Nebraska; all of which were selected by students as the building blocks of integrity. Chapter’s are recognized on a basis of these 6 major values outcomes by self-evaluation and reporting of how the chapter’s activities over the course of the year have indicated their commitment to living lives of integrity-fulfilling the foundational values of being a Husker of Integrity
  • Purpose: the Chapter Values Inventory (CVI) allows the Greek Affairs Office to evaluate the programming, activities and initiatives of the chapters in our Greek community and recognize them for the special efforts they make to help their own chapter and our Greek community be an example of integrity. Ultimately, the CVI serves as a means for the Office of Greek Affairs to award honors, and recognition to our chapters for their good work, as well as, identify additional support that they may need in their programming and educational efforts.

Project Sections

Click on the building block and it takes you to the project section with the details you want. For example:


Engaging in service and community.
Citizenship in this sense is about being active and engaged in a greater community beyond one's self.


Following through on obligations.
Dependability is revealed through consistently delivering on expectation.


Being faithful to a cause.
Commitment is a willingness to focus on and stay true to a cause regardless of circumstances.


Showing deference or esteem.
Respect means recognizing that someone or something has value and engaging it with that in mind.


Feeling actively interested or concerned.
Caring means investing your time and interest, in essence, sharing your most valuable assets.


Being willing to accept others' ideas.
Open-mindedness starts with being willing to listen and but truly lies within a capacity to accept ideas outside of your own.

Chapter Values Inventory Grading Rubric.

  • Download rubric excel file.


    • Who must participate?

      All chapters are encouraged to participate in the CVI. Chapter’s who meet the standards of excellence for the CVI will be recognized annually at the Greek Awards.
      The recognition is tiered into three stars.

      • Chapters meeting the highest standard of excellence will be honored with a five star recognition
      • Chapters meeting a noble standard of excellence will be honored with a four star recognition.
      • Chapters meeting an acceptable standard of excellence will be honored with a three star recognition.
    • How do I participate in the CVI?

      Every chapter is provided with access to a unique Google Drive Folder where all content is stored. Please complete the application process by filling the information out within each of the 6 google documents.

    • Feel free to embed any photos, screenshots, images, or other proof of completion directly in the document when asked.
    • If you need to attach an excel file or another document that cannot be embedded in the document, upload the document into your chapter file. Please include the chapter value in the title of any document that is attached so the evaluation team knows which value or requirement is being addressed.

    • How do I retrieve my Google Drive Folder if I have forgotten it?

      Please contact the office of Greek Affairs to retreive access to your Google Drive.

    • When should I start working to complete the CVI?

      The easiest way to complete the values inventory is as you complete one of the activities throughout the course of the semester. To make things easy, and to provide the necessary verification, chapters are encouraged to document their speakers, philanthropies and other events, through photographs, letters, and maintenance of e-mail communication.

      The due date for the current cycle is January 23, 2015

    • How does a chapter verify participation in a program or activity?

      The Greek affairs Office has allowed for numerous types of evidence to be provided, demonstrating the chapter performed the indicated activity in the values inventory. The chapter can attach documentation electronically.

      Word documents, excel documents, PDF’s, JPEG’s and numerous additional uploaded materials are acceptable.

    • Which chapter Officer should complete this inventory/Who is responsible

      Chapter presidents are the most acceptable officer to complete the inventory, however, if the chapter feels numerous other officers are better equipped to answer questions from some of the sections, they may do so.

      Collaboration is encouraged.

    Registering Events

    • All Educational events must be pre-registered in order for them to count for credit on the chapter Values Inventory.  This registration process is different from the process to register philanthropy events. Educational events needed to complete the Commitment rubric on the CVI must be registered. The link to register any educational event can be found below:
    • Social events do not need to be registered, but should still be documented, for chapter records.
    • *In an effort to provide as many opportunities for the Greek community to collaborate and encourage attendance at their educational programs, all educational events can be scheduled on the same day as previously scheduled philanthropies, or other educational programs.*
    • Philanthropy events should still be registered by visiting the Office of Greek Affairs.

    Previously recognized chapters